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Chaos_Canyon Saturday, 4/11/2020

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Hey All,

After only finding out about this awesome hobby in January this year, thanks to 3D's Rally league that made the car section of our local news here in NZ, I couldn't help but design my own track. I have limited space in my shed here (the only place I can set up permanently) and we are currently on 'stay at home lockdown' due to Covid-19 so I'm building it as best I can with the small amount of resources I have here at home as I don't have much choice :)

So, the idea for my track is that it is going to be a post-apocalyptic themed track, with a bridge jump and all the theming around the track will be old, broken buildings and the commentary will be based on that as well. While I will run some 'normal' cars on the track as well, my idea was to have a rusty, rat rod, postapocalyptic look to the vehicles that run the track mostly. Just so it's a bit different to what everyone else is doing and I love the look.

My start gate is totally different to anything I've seen before, and again is designed to fit the theme of my track. It is a bridge that can hold up to 6 cars and it tips down to connect to the track and release the cars - it sits horizontal in prep for the race. I've built a simple cam release system with a pull cord which seems to be working really well so far.

I've only just finished securing the track to make it more permanent after a bunch of testing with things taped in place to see what worked in the space I have. The first part out of the brigde drop start gate is plain orange track (may change eventually), then it goes into a custom two lane corner, which opens into a wide track steep drop to the bridge jump (where I will finish it to look like an old concrete bridge has broken and there are still parts of it hanging there) then to a wide track landing that then narrows to just over 2 car width, into a sweeping 2 car wide turn then back to a wide track that is about 2.5 cars wide which drops down to a final finish jump. I haven't started on any of the theme side of it yet (apart from the start bridge). I really want to go with fat track, especially for the corners, but I used a ton of materials trying to build my own from what screenshots etc I could grab online and I was just running out (due to being unable to shop with lockdown) and just couldn't get it to work right, so went with a simpler corner set up for now. Once lockdown is over and I can order things in again then that will look to order some fat track and change out at least one of the corners. I like the randomness of the fat track and the fact it gives everyone a fighting chance to overtake or get taken out.

In my testing of the jump - presuming cars stay straight enough to make, which they don't always do - the furthest jump so far has been my Miata (totally stock) which distanced about 40cm (almost 16") which I was stoked with. Most decent cars were getting 20-30cm (approx 10-12")

The track is made from a combination of Coreflute (can't remember what you guys call it), orange track and a product called Palight - a strong but pliable plastic which has been my main go to as it's easier to shape, cut and glue than the flute and seems to work well for the cars. 

I've got some ideas for tournaments I want to run as well, once it's all up and running.

In the meantime, here's some shots of where it's at. And if I can sort some of my testing videos I'll post those as well if your interested. Next step is to start building my mountain backdrop and buildings/structures.

Cheers from NZ


Track overview

Prepping for this weekends inaugural race. Added some backdrop sheets to cover the walls until I can build proper scenery. Also need to make a new start gate now as I have tweaked the track and need a special launch gate now.

Custom start gate that drops to start the race. This is what I had, it's now changing but it sure was a fun way to start races :)

This corner is two cars wide but will change to fat track eventually

Bridge out section - as part of the diaorama backdrop I'm lookin got put a waterfall or toxic lake here as well

The first corner, separated into two lanes still. Inside lane is shorter but outside slightly faster. Amazing to watch how many cars end up exiting this at the same time in both lanes after getting out of sync during entry.


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Chaos_Canyon 4/11/20

Track testing video This is some of my testing footage. the last run in this video was incredible with the most amazing overtaking manouvre to happen yet on the track and I hope it happens a lot more too :)

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Chaos_Canyon 4/11/20

More testing This is a run of two Chevy trucks then some close ups of just the jump during testing to see just how far the vehicles could get. Mix of Metal Machines and Hot Wheels. The blue 4x4 (Zuru) is probably the most consistent of all of them but there is so much that can happen before the finish line that it really is open to any car to win. 

I will likely set up a point system similar to 3D's rally system to have checkpoints and then some bonus sections plus more points for a full track win as well. I may also add a timer but don't have any options available currently.

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Dadvball 4/11/20

Welcome to Redline Derby!  Your set up looks to be great fun. I enjoyed watching you test vehicles. I think the track is great especially with you having to use whatever you had available. Keep up the good work on fine tuning everything and I hope you're out of the lock down soon and everyone is well. 

That was an awesome come from behind win by the orange Zuru. I have a few and that is one of the fastest. 

  • Yeah that orange zuru has been way fast but that blue 4x4 is even faster and more consistent I’ve found so far on this track at least — Chaos_Canyon
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TuxMcBea 4/11/20

Awesome stuff! Having just discovered the whole Gaslands thing a few weeks ago, this has me really interested. Great job so far on the track, especially since it has been built out of, well, nothing!
I will look forward to the finished article in all it's glory. Oh, and this is a diecast racing site, OF COURSE we want to see videos!!! lol
Great job Warwick and welcome to Redline Derby.

  • Cheers man. I’ll post my first two temporary tracks that got me hooked on the sport as well. — Chaos_Canyon

Welcome to RLD...and when you get officially sure to add  Chaos Canyon to the Track Directory 

...and keep the Racing action coming!!!

  • Cheers man. Will do. I am loving this sport so much! — Chaos_Canyon
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Chaos_Canyon 4/11/20

Here's some additional race video for you. I will set up a new channel specifically for racing as this channel is for my business but was the only channel I had at the time.

This was the very first track (and video) I set up this year, that got me totally hooked and made all those awesome childhood memories come back. Couldn't leave it there unfortunately as my partner was not so keen on it. First track and video attempt

Here was day two. First time testing some homemade track along with the orange track Day 2 track variant 2 again couldn't keep it where it was which is why I then moved to my shed. 

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redlinederby 4/11/20
Site manager

Again, welcome to Redline Derby...glad you found us and can't wait to see how your journey through diecast racing goes. Love the track and all the materials you used to build it. It's a good reminder that you don't need miles of orange track or even fat track to build a fun setup.

Keep on sharing, you can inspire others to join a great hobby.

  • thanks man. Great site by the way. So good to have resources like this all in one place. — Chaos_Canyon
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Chaos_Canyon 4/12/20

Ok, so more building today to tidy up the track and get more cars to be able to complete a full run. Here's the walkthrough video and new channel if you want to subscribe. I'll also be posting a couple of races including a Ford vs Chevy truck race on the updated layout and some others too.

I added a banked turn that is wider that what I had after the jump and so far it seems to work pretty well. Much better than the previous ones I've had at least :) 

  • Again, loving this fella and looking forward to some racing too. — TuxMcBea
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Chaos_Canyon 4/12/20

Here's the first race video of the new, adjusted layout. Ford vs Chevy trucks - best of three races, four trucks on track 

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Chaos_Canyon 4/24/20

So a few further updates on the track. 

More signage is going up on the track. Some are legit businesses or channels, others are totally made up. The Petrolhead drinks co was a design project where I had to come up with a new beverage company and design everything, including the containers. After I called it Petrolhead, it seemed only natural to make all the drink containers look like gas/oil cans :)

The signs were all designed in Photoshop or Illustrator, then printed onto normal paper, glued to scrap cardboard and some of them got some rusty paint details as well, as I want a mix of old, rusty signs (leftover from the tracks heyday) to new sponsors coming on board 

Also, here's some short footage of testing the jump for a distance measurement for the race that starts tomorrow.

  • What's it take to get a logo up on your wall? I can send you a logo to play with. — redlinederby
  • I love the signs! Can I send you a logo for sponsorship? — RustBeltRacing
  • Hey guys, totally. Just email me your logos. — Chaos_Canyon

Very nice...definitely add to the aesthetics of the track 

  • Thanks. Yeah, a few signs here and there have already made it look better. Looking forward to being able to finish it all off. — Chaos_Canyon
  • Yes, loving the look. — EcuWeeEcosse
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Chaos_Canyon 4/25/20

If anyone wants a sign up on the track for their channel I'm happy to put em up because I want to do what I can to promote the sport, so any cross channel promos are a good thing :)

Just email me a clearcut PNG or vector file of your logo and I'll get it on there somewhere for you :) send them to

Also, let me know if you want your sign clean or aged up and I'll sort that as well

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