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Charger Summer 2020

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Is this drag racing or road course?

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Mattman213 5/16/20

And then there were two...

This is my personal car and the 2nd of my team's entries.  I LOVE spectraflame Hot Wheels and this thing stood out to me so I had to have it.  I added the wheels that it should have come with in my opinion (old school redlines just werent in the cards) and got to work.  I will admit...I dont have 4 RetroSlots that spin perfect so it is what it is BUT this thing still runs great considering.  

Two more to go for L&M. 


  • I'm digging it — LeagueofSpeed
  • Me too which is why Im bummed its not 110% perfect BUT its still quick enough to keep up with the Purple one no problem so who knows. Still a bit of work to do to try and sweeten it up some but then it is what it is! — Mattman213
  • Clean looking! — Foursix
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LeagueofSpeed 5/21/20
Event coordinator

Blueline Racing has arrived at the LoS Racing Grounds in NC...they have passed Inspection and Weigh-in...

...Welcome to Charger Summer 

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LeagueofSpeed 5/22/20
Event coordinator

Foursix Racing has arrived at the LoS Racing Grounds in NC...they have passed Inspection and Weigh-in...

...Welcome to Charger Summer 

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JAdairRacing 5/25/20

You still need to send $5 to get your cars returned after all races have been ran. Correct. Getting ready to put mine in mail!!!

  • Yes...and I'll be on the lookout — LeagueofSpeed
  • Can I PayPal or Venmo? Haven't been dealing with cash lately. — RustBeltRacing
  • No worries...just send in your cars and we'll work it out later — LeagueofSpeed
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Mayfield41 5/26/20

Add me to the waiting list. I'll see what I can find

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LeagueofSpeed 5/26/20
Event coordinator

The Legion of Speed is rounding out quite nicely in the Speed've been giving Fair Warning 

  • 3 down 1 to go and none are slouches. We shall see. — Mattman213
  • I would expect nothing less my Brother — LeagueofSpeed

Getting ready to mail mine in tomorrow. Love the paint job on this Hookers Headers M2 ‘71 Charger R/T

What cars make good donors for the rear axle on a '70 Dodge Charger and a '69 Dodge Charger 500?

Thank you for your time!

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LeagueofSpeed 5/28/20
Event coordinator

It's the same feeling every late May here at RLD since we kicked off our first Summer Series...Corvette Summer...the anticipation starts to build...the Builds start to roll in and the Legion of Speed preps to go's awesome...

...Good Luck to All in the Series 

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Dadvball 5/29/20

Got mine shipped today and are scheduled for Tuesday delivery. 

Tracking number is 9500 1127 0217 0150 3054 36.

  • Awesome news my Brother...looking forward to it!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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Mattman213 Yesterday

L&M Racing is ready to go.  

Wanted to experiment with this team a little bit and see if I couldnt keep them in the points a little better, maybe even have a shot this time around.  Didnt end up going quite as radical with Momma's car as I had originally planned and now kinda wish I had but thats ok.  Trying some different things with these so they are vastly different on my track and on the 6 lane my Parent's have.  Maybe itll make the team more well rounded...or completely ruin it.  We shall see!  Either way they are all really fun.  Luke LOVES Richard Petty (THE KING, thanks Pixars Cars) and Im pretty sure Momma is predicting some future developments with her paintjob LOL

Little more tweaking and then I will be mailing them out.


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