Charger Summer, Stage 2 - Utah

Saturday, July 11th, 2020
Hosted by Diecast 64 for Redline Derby Racing
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LeagueofSpeed Wednesday, 7/8/2020

This race is part of the Charger Summer series. 

Stage 2 hits the Self Track at D64 in Utah...Good Luck Racers.

Please refer to the series post for teams, rules, and other details.


D64 Shelf Track



Which channel will the races be posted on? So I can keep up the reports in the DSPN round up?

  • He'll post them on his YouTube channel aka D64 — LeagueofSpeed
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Diecast64 7/11/20

First round action of Charger Summer at D64.  Shooting for tomorrow for the rest of the race videos to be done. 


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Diecast64 7/12/20

Second Round thru the finals.  Thanks eveyone for letting me race your cars! It's been a pleasure!

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Mayfield41 7/12/20

That's a cool track... thanks for running my free point giveaway cars. Nice to see Voxxer win on his home stage 1 seemed that L&M pink one was going to run away with it

  • That's not Voxxer Racing's home track...that's 9.81 and G-Force Racing's home track aka D64 — LeagueofSpeed
  • I was saying his home rack as he wins everything there it seems... dominates the mod classes — Mayfield41
  • But didnt know 9.81 and G force was D64 — Mayfield41
  • I was hoping to win a round or two out there as those style tracks did not treat my 55/57 cars well. Im beyond shocked. Good racing all around! — Mattman213
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