Charger Summer, Stage 3 - Goodnight Trail, TX

Sunday, July 19th, 2020
Hosted by Bayou City Diecast Raceplex
LeagueofSpeed Wednesday, 7/22/2020

This race is part of the Charger Summer 2020 series. Click here for all Charger Summer posts including results, standings, and more.

The Chargers have rolled into the Lone Star State for Stage 3 on Goodnight Trail track.

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Chaos_Canyon 7/22/20

What youtube channel was this on? So I can put it in the DSPN report

  • I don't think this has raced yet??? Or is progress right now... — redlinederby
  • Ok, thanks. IS there a way to look up a users channel on here? I went to the profile but didn't see one listed, of course I may have just missed it — Chaos_Canyon
  • Michael's Diecast Garage and Racing via YouTube — LeagueofSpeed

Thanks to MDG for a great race at the Raceplex...MDG pulling double duty as the Chargers hit the 1/8th mile Bayou City Blaster next...

Ali's car made it past the first round this time!  W00t!

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