Christmas Diecast Diorama

G4DiecastRacing Tuesday, 12/8/2020

Hello everyone!  One of the many family traditions we do this time of year is making gingerbread houses.  Nothing fancy, just from the box kits you can buy at any store.  This year, I decided to pay tribute to my new hobby of diecast racing and made my first gingerbread diecast diorama!  I also decided to customize this photo to thank Redline Derby and its members!  :D


That's awesome!! Love it!

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Mattman213 12/8/20

Looks like you had fun!  Great job.


  • Thanks Matt! Yes, it was fun! Although my family may be starting to get worried that I'm thinking about my new hobby too much! Lol! ???? — G4DiecastRacing
  • Ha so long as your not making mountains outta mashed potatoes and bringing dirt and shrubs in from outside ide say they got nothing to fear...yet LOL — Mattman213
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redlinederby 12/8/20
Site manager

Wow, thanks, Chad! That's awesome! Happy holiday to you and yours as well. I hope we all have fun, stay safe, and stay healthy over the holiday and into next year.

  • You're welcome Brian and thank you for running this great website! — G4DiecastRacing


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