Customizing and Tuningcolour shifter axel vs faster then ever

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first time poster,

but just wondering if there is much of a difference between the colour shifter nickel plated axel and those found on the faster then ever series cars?

Never had any luck with the color shifter axles...  I  use early FTE if given the choice. 

What Traction Event said ^^ The 2005 -06 FTE axles are the best, if you can get them

I prefer the 05-06 FTE axels, but the CS beat the Mainline axels with a big stick....I've had some success with them in several trophies, but some pretty fast builds nonetheless.

This 67 Camaro has the CS axels off a CS 67 had a decent 2017....4th in CC Riders Mustang vs Camaro race and my wife raced it to a 2nd place finish and overall runner-up in Legends of Tobacco Road - American can build speed with the CS package.

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