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marklt9999 Monday, 9/12/2022

Hey guys some of you have entered the compact speed tournament I have a dilema there is twenty cars and I can't figure out a format to race in as a bracket 1v1 knockout help


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Deedose 9/12/22

You could make 4 pools of 5 , take the two best drivers from each pools and make these 8 drivers compete in a classic bracket tournament . That would necessitate a lot of racing , which is great for us , but probably not so much for you .

  • Racing five cars at once or like a league table — marklt9999
  • Here's a example if I'm correct — marklt9999
  • Yes , that's what I meant — Deedose
  • Sorted ty mate — marklt9999
  • The groups 1 and 2 are up using this format — marklt9999
  • And what format are group 3 and 4 using ? — Deedose
  • Same lol its because there is a lot more filming and putting a video together than usual do it's easier for me to do it in two parts — marklt9999
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Numbskull 9/12/22

Whatever you do, just have fun first.

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Uncle_Elvis 9/12/22

Throw in four more stocks, 24 car field. Go 1v1 until you are down to 3. The fourth car for the semis can come from a last chance run off amongst the losers.

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Chaos_Canyon 9/13/22

You can always time trial them, then rank them and those that are the fastest automatically move to the next round. I've done that sort of thing before, it's how it works in real events too when there are not even numbers.

  • I don't have a timing system buddy — marklt9999
  • I don't have a timer either, I just use one in editing - there's plenty of them available on YT or make your own by videoing a stopwatch. Then just pause it in your video frame when the car crosses the finish. It's not as accurate as a track timer, but if it's just to get an idea of speed of the cars, it works fine. You can see it in my rally videos. — Chaos_Canyon
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marklt9999 9/13/22

To be get thee most of your cars I'll do both formats ty the way dedose said and uncle Elvis 

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redlinederby 9/13/22
Site manager

FWIW, there's also Challonge that offers brackets and all sorts of match-up formats. I've used it all the time when I was putting on regular tournaments. It has some fancy integrations and features but I just used them to handle the round robins, byes, and all that one-off stuff when there were odd numbers. Here's how I used it.

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