Congratulations to FOTF

KandORacing Monday, 12/12/2016

Just wanted to give a congratulations to my good friend FOTF on winning Fastest Car of The Year at the LJLRC yesterday. Congratulations to the other winners as well. Looking forward to the 2017 season!


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Traction-Event 12/13/16

Congrats indeed, what car did he win with?

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FOTF 12/13/16

Thank you both! Quite happy to have won that.

I won it with what I'm changing the name of to the "Fighting Chance Daytona" (the post is public, so you might be able to see it off of Facdbook):

  • Way to go! I'm not a JL guy but I'm happy to see something other than the Camaro in the winners circle. — redlinederby
  • Thanks, Brian! The Camaro probably would have been if the casting hadn't been retired from most LJLRC racing, ha-ha-ha. — FOTF
  • I think this Daytona's only the third of its kind I've seen win at all. — FOTF
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kylejake 12/14/16

I would also like to congratulate Cameron Daly on finally getting the proverbial monkey off his back winning the LJLRC Cup Fastest Car Of The Year. This is not easy to win especially this year with the thousands of cars competing for the Cup. This also makes 10 years of the December Finals with the LJLRC so this is very special. Great Job Cameron and the rest of our 2016 Champions! 

  • Thank you! — FOTF
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