Coning wheels? Frowned upon or invited?

MessyMarv Tuesday, 7/20/2021

I saw a video on YT on how to cone your wheels.  I'm a noob to diecast racing, and I hadn't seen that topic addressed in the rules for upcoming races.  

Is it something everyone does or is that bad etiquette?


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Chaos_Canyon 7/20/21

Will depend on the race and the host. Some Hot Wheels are already coned from the factory (check out the 8 crate wheels). There is a thread on this site somewhere that goes into coning wheels in good detail as well.

Personally, for modified races at the canyon, I have no issues with people coning their wheels if they want. But if it's meant to be stock then that wouldn't be allowed.

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Uncle_Elvis 7/20/21

Many events say, "no wheel sanding." In the ones that do allow it, it is not always a plus. That said, if you get good at doing it, you should be at an advantage over those who do not. 

Unless it's a stock race I have not seen many if any races that have rules against it. I can count on one hand how many cars that I've seen come through here with coned wheels though. I would imagine there is a lot of trial and error that would come with getting good at doing it.

I've had one car with deliberately coned wheels run on my road did not provide a discernable advantage (there are so many variables, including luck)......I'm guessing it would have a greater effect on drag tracks.

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Mattman213 7/20/21

There are a few builders who mill their wheels so unless specifically banned for a race you will be fine to do so.  Its never worked for me but that doesnt mean its cant be done properly and make a difference.


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RLoRacing 7/20/21

I recently started trying this and have had some success but even then, not all my builds have it. You need a track at home to build your own track and experiement to see what weight will work right. This is for IDR's House Cup 

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SpyDude 7/20/21

Still being a newbie here myself, and I haven't seen a lot of coned wheels on the track. It may or may not be a good thing, but you're going to go through a lot of wheel sets practicing on how to cone them. Who knows, it might work, and then you'll have an advantage over those who don't. Me personally, I'm not up to that level yet, and honestly not sure if the end result is worth the effort. All I can say is, give it a try.

Truth of the matter is, if you're new at modifying cars for speed my advice is get the rest of it down first and when you feel that you have maxed out your potential and need another edge then maybe look into coning wheels. If you make things too complicated too early you will become frustrated and maybe never see the day where you become competitive in racing.

  • This is good advice. Don’t try to do too much too soon. — DXPRacing
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