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IplaydmbDOTcom Friday, 1/2/2015

Ok this all started with my 2 year old who loves arching vehicle-relate YouTube videos.  The more mundane/repetitive, the faster he falls to sleep.  Only occasionally for nap time - not bed time - before the your-a-horrible-parent conversation begins.

Fast forward to finding this guys YouTube channel

I became addicted to watching these darn videos - over and over and over.  Now I bet the use of all-Mattel sets is taboo in a forum like this and I promise I put the honest effort into trying to find this info before I made this post (I love how upset people get when an eight of a second of their time and a piece of virtual paper is wasted when a duplicate post is created...) but here is my question:  

Why on earth is this set discontinued?  Did you guys mount a tea party like revolt against it?  Haha

...and why is there not a similar set available today?  I want to get something for my son sans the BS loop-D-loops, jumps, etc.  Simple, reliable, fun.  

This is the closest thing I have been able to find but even this doesn't fit the "simple" criteria - I don't want to have to pick up cars after every darn race.

I appreciate any help y'all might be willing to throw my way and 


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3DBotMaker 1/2/15

This is what me and my 4 year old son play with: (He's the little guy in the video)

We got addicted to watching the same youtube channel as well. I was considering buying him the HW 4 Lane elimination set but it was too short. That lead me to developing my own track accessories.

I found that having the tracks merge and the possibility of car crashes is very exciting for my son and the rest of the family as well. The races become unpredictable because the fastest car doesn't always win if it collides with another car in the merger. The start gate attaches to standard HW orange track, so you can use it without the track mergers as well.

  • That kid is gonna be an can see him thinkin...sweet stuff! — Traction-Event
  • If you put it down near the end of the track it would let you know who won. — Stroller
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