Convention in Nashville?

redlinederby Monday, 12/13/2010
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I admit, I'm lazy and haven't looked on any other sites, but I saw a Twitter fly by saying something about a HW Convention in Nashville in 2011? True/false?

Nashville is well within driving distance so that's a convention I'd actually attend.


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camaromarc 12/14/10

yes i believe you are correct there is going to be a convention in nashville in 2011, its not a hw convention so to say though, it is a diecast convention put on by is the link for more information

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redlinederby 12/15/10
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Cool, thanks for the link. Anyone else planning/interested in going?

I might ask the Diecastspace guys for some freebie tix to giveaway like I did last year.

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camaromarc 12/15/10

i will be going but i dont count, i am a member of the staff there

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