Cool License Plates! (Achievements)

markkaz Sunday, 8/8/2010

Love it! Wouldn't the bade for "Living in a Fantasy World" be "NOT4REAL"?

Thanks for the badge

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

I like how you also made them different colors. I just thought of
something, how about silly plates? How about these:

SKUNKED (Oh 'fer eight)

OHSOCLOSE (car in garage gets to finals but doesn't win)

ROOKIE (for first race entered)


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redlinederby 8/8/10
Site manager

Good ideas for achievements! I plan on adding achievements throughout the season as they make sense and then also have some ready for the third season. If any of you guys think up any more, please share them. I'm keeping a list.

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markkaz 8/8/10

No problem. Thanks for letting us play in your playground

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JDC442 8/9/10

THose are awesome Mark!

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