Corvette Summer 2018, LJLRC 4-Lane Track, RI

Sunday, June 10th, 2018
FOTF Monday, 6/4/2018

Greetings Corvette drivers, and welcome to New England and the second race of Corvette Summer!

Please note that only two lanes of the LJLRC's four-lane track will be used for this event. I don't want the track name to throw you.

If there's anything in particular that I should check for on any car (like any kind of damage or need of adjustment your car is prone to), please let me know and I will look into it (assuming I'm allowed to do that--LOS, please let me know).

My intention is to go live on Facebook for this race the day it happens at Facebook Live videos for pages are public, and to my understanding can be viewed even by those without Facebook accounts. I will try to post here what time I figure I'll be doing this. (Note that the video will be made available on my page after I'm done live streaming.)

The Vettes arrived at FOTF Headquarters just today, and have been the only taste of summer this corner of CT has seen all day. Brackets have not yet been drawn up and I have not yet opened the box--I'll keep you posted when more details become available.

In case you'd like to review the competition, pasted below are LOS's YouTube Team Show and team/number list. I look forward to seeing these fiberglass furies race in person!

Mopar Mafia 1 & 2
Mad Maddie Racing 3 & 4
41-14 Racing 5 & 6
Wild Rose Racing 7 & 8
Little Bug Racing 9 & 10
DC Wheels 11 & 12
Color Country Racing 13 & 14
G-Force Racing 15 & 16
9.81 Racing 17 & 18
Wintech Racing 19 & 20
The Black Dragons 21 & 22
Red Pill Racing 23 & 24
Go Go Maxzilla 25 & 26
Raven Claw Racing 27
Wheels of Fire 28
MDG Racing 29 & 30
ND Racing 31 & 32
FOTF 33 & 34
DVB Racing 35 & 36
RLD Racing 37 & 38
Outlaw Racing 39 & 40
Speed Force 41 & 42
Lady of Speed 43 & 44
Speedzilla 45 & 46
League of Speed 47 & 48
Jaskat Racing 49 & 50
1/4 Mile Club 51 & 52



Looking Good!!! The Helm is Yours...Have Fun and Good Luck to All!!!

...Corvette Summer Rolls on!!!

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NDeavers80 6/4/18

Hopefully my junk runs better on the ljlrc track. Good luck and looking forward to the show.

  • Take your foot off the brake nick. Lol. I think it’ll be different results all around. Good luck — 41-14
  • That's the pedal in the middle, correct? — NDeavers80
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FOTF 6/5/18

Good luck to you both!

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FOTF 6/8/18

Here's the bracket for this Sunday's event! My apologies for the scratchouts and some of the tiny lettering ... been a while since I've made a bracket like this out (if I ever have) so I was a little rusty; but it seems to have turned out well enough, with none of the same cars receiving first-round byes as last event, and with none of the same first-round matchups as last event. I also have a little freezer bag full of the cut-out paper numbers I used for the random draw to save future hosts the trouble of making them (so don't lose that bag, ha-ha). (The tiny computer-printed race is #37 vs. #11.)

I seem to have drawn Mad Maddie Racing and Speed Force ... I hope Speed Force's isn't that blue thing that did pretty well last event....

I have not yet looked the cars over. I'm not sure yet if I'll do that here or wait till I get to the LJLRC, since doing it here would entail packing them all back up somehow to get them to RI on Sunday. Again, if there's anything specific anyone wants me to look for, let me know and I will check the cars in advance.

  • Your Red HO is going against her Blue Split Window 63 — LeagueofSpeed
  • Save yourself time later and add her point on now ... ha-ha. — FOTF
  • Looks like I drew black dragons and a first round bye? Is that correct? — NDeavers80
  • Nope..Your 31 and race 1st round ve MDGin the Odd Bracket and Wintech in the Even Bracket — LeagueofSpeed
  • Ouch..Black Dragons got a Double Bye...doesn't race in Rd 1 — LeagueofSpeed
  • PM sent on the Double Byes — LeagueofSpeed
  • Ok thank you league of speed its hard to read on my phone — NDeavers80
  • Thanks for noticing and correcting that, LOS! Like I said in my PM response, I'll take care of the double byes tomorrow. — FOTF
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FOTF 6/10/18

Good morning all,

FOTF Racing is en route to the LJLRC! The bracket has been adjusted to avoid double-byes (see above replies), though I’ll check it again after we get there to make sure I didn’t give anyone else double-byes. I don’t yet know what time I’ll be going live, but I think I’ll try to a little bit before the race actually starts to give people time to see and join it and not miss anything. I will be opening the box on-site.

  • Sounds great...looking forward to the racing action!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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FOTF 6/10/18

Going live soon! The race might not start for a bit since I’ll be opening the box, looking the cars over, and setting them up in the trays, but I’ll get it started now so that you guys can join in before the race actually starts. See you on Facebook!

That was fun...thanks for battling through the tech problems...and I can never be accussed of taking the fastest cars in the Legion of Speeds Garage.

Good Show FOTF and Thank You LJLRC for having's much appreciated.

Peace and Speed - League of Speed and the rest of The Legion.

Alright...I've watched the results and I've got my Bracket here at LoS HQ matched up to today's racing at the LJLRC in RI...I'll have the points updated in a day or two max.

...Special Shout-Out to FOTF for getting this done today and also to the LJLRC for having us and racing our Corvettes!!! stop is in NJ at the Sussex Speedway..our Host...72 Chevy C10.

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FOTF 6/13/18

Thanks, LOS! It was good having them--and better when the live streaming was working properly, ha-ha.

I'm not sure of everyone who's seen them, so below are the links to the streaming videos on Facebook. Skip almost to the very end of the first one, though... As I said, i set it up early--but too early, so it sat there filming nothing for most of the time, and then cut out after I gave my intro and had just started racing. Don't you just love technology?... The fourth was videoed on Jeremy's phone on the LJLRC Racing page (thanks for the help, Jeremy).

Also, I shipped the cars (along with something to add to the prize pot) to 72 Chevy yesterday, and they should arrive tomorrow (thanks for getting his address to me, LOS). I don't have the tracking number on hand, but will try to post it soon. I'll also post a picture of the completed bracket for those who want to see it.

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Diecast64 6/13/18

Great racing everyone! Thanks FOTF for racing them! Fun to watch. Excited to see how the series plays out. See ya all in NJ.

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