Corvette Summer 2018 Tracking Station

LeagueofSpeed Saturday, 6/2/2018
Event coordinator

I missed the PO yesterday...I was racing Hot Wheels of all things...go figure???

The Vettes left North Carolina today, Saturday June 2nd, via 2-3 Day Priority Mail and should arrive to FOTF Monday or Tuesday of next week...expected delivery date is Monday June 4th.

Tracking Number - 9505 5119 9548 8153 3092 19


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FOTF 6/3/18

You RACE Hot Wheels? Is that like a Pinewood Derby thing? (Because who hasn’t been asked that? ;) )

I’ll be on the lookout for them!

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FOTF 6/4/18

On a very unsummerlike day, Corvette Summer has arrived at FOTF Headquarters!

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LeagueofSpeed 6/12/18
Event coordinator

I've sent FOTF a PM about the shipping status and also C10's address...I will update the thread with the newest shipping info when I get it from FOTF...or he may do it himself...stay tuned!!!

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FOTF 6/13/18

The Corvette convoy is en route to NJ as of yesterday! They should be arriving tomorrow. Tracking number will be added soon.

... Funny thing was, on the way to the LJLRC last Sunday, we actually passed two Corvettes going the other way on the highway.

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FOTF 6/15/18

Could be rather late since they’re hopefully already there, but here’s the tracking number:

9505 5136 2987 8163 1497 92

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