Creating and hosting a race-My idea in it's infancy.

LeagueofSpeed Friday, 2/3/2017
Event coordinator

First and foremost, I believe I need to enter and participate in the races already established and become a solid member of the RLD community in order to be trusted with the responsibility of hosting a race and all the logistics involved. That being said here is my vision for the race here in North Carolina-the Home of NASCAR. NASCAR's roots are tied back and linked to "bootlegging" or running moonshine, and bootlegging was around from the 1920's until 1960's....which would help with the type cars we could use. I would call the race "Bootleg Run" and it would be held on the joined sections of my two 6-lane raceways( you can use the start and finish of one track and the middle sections of two raceways to make the drop longer), lanes 1 and 2 would be used for the race. The chase's that took place were on some curvy Appalachian foothill roads, so after the transition and a bit of straightaway, there would be two sets of turns so each car would get an inside and outside curve, then back into the longer and final straightaway to the finish line, with perhaps a slight up and down through a trestle or covered bridge...maybe.

The cars could be the classic bootleg car 34-40 Ford Coupe, Dixie Challengers, Chargers and older stuff like 32 Vicky's, 31 Ford Woody's etc., so we could mod some old RL's. Then of course cop cars of the vintage and the old Paddy Wagon as well-more types of cars can be added of course upon agreement and era, 

I'm not opposed to a straight gravity drag, but thought the above would be a neat set-up, but once again, this is in it's infancy and would need the feedback of the RLD community and of course the willingness to accept the race into the RLD fold eventually. Thoughts and advise appreciated.  


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gtaman 2/3/17

I say go for it, you may not get many your first time but people may surprise you, worst case we lose a toy car

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