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redlinederby Wednesday, 4/24/2013
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How to Win

The grand prize will go to the player that earns the most points at the end of the season. In the case of a tie, an extra tournament will be held and the player with the most points will win.

Tournament prizes are awarded to the player that enters the winning car in a prize tournament - look for the "Prize" label on the schedule page. Track hosts are not eligible to win tournament prizes.


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redlinederby 5/13/13
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Disclaimer about winning prizes for Season 12

If it turns out that this season's winner is someone that has already won a Diecast X Magazine subscription then the next highest points earner will win the prize. Due to sponsor limitations we cannot offer more than one-year free to a single person.

So basically, if you're Iowastockcars and you win this season, you won't get the magazine...the #2 ranked player will get it. However, I will send you something from my stash as a prize because you're still #1 and that deserves something you can take home.

Also, if for some reason I end up winning the season or being #2 and one of the above is #1, then the #3 ranked player will win the subscription.

If this scenario plays out and there's some ties in the #2 or #3 slot then we'll have to figure out something...probably an extra tournament to decide.

I think we should take an average points per race this year to crown the champion!

For the first time ever, that I remember, I failed to get my lineups in for two races. Right now the averages over the year are Iowastockars-131 McJiggles9-128. So there you go, if I use my math I am up for another championship.

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redlinederby 7/6/13
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Updated the prize list to include the Hot Ones 2-pack.

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