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redlinederby Wednesday, 8/4/2010
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I finally got around to creating my own water slide decals for cars and they turned out pretty well. It's a delicate process but all around simple to execute and adds just a little extra panache to your cars.

Article about custom decals with photos over in the blog: ... -logo-car/

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox


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David 8/4/10

Just read the article and let me say that I am inspired. Flames? No problem. Numbers? Sure why not. The possibilities are endless.

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Jobe 8/4/10

Yup, pretty cool...I need to make an Austin Diecast Drags truck! Think I'll use my super speedy ambulance super van.

One question, I made a comment on the blog post, does that just go to you or become viewable?

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Quique69 9/1/10

Great! I will carefully re read it, because I'm in the mood for doing some decal work.

Thanks for your guide!

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