Datsun 510 on Jay Leno

redlinederby Tuesday, 7/9/2019
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Leno's Garage is a great show/channel for hardcore car folks and the more casual "that car looks cool" guys like myself. The latest episode featured the Datsun 510. I don't think it's the same model as the Hot Wheels 510 that's been the rage but hey...close enough for me.

I don't understand or know all the technical stuff the video gets into, I'm not a gearhead...I'm more of the "Cool Style" and "Sounds Great" type of auto fan. But it's just neat to see a car that I pretty much only learned about because of Hot Wheels in the reals.

Photos from Orange Track Diecast


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redlinederby 7/9/19
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And now I'm thinking a Datsun 510 race is in order. Hmmmm...

  • There have been enough castings the past few years that it could be pulled off, and that includes the 510 Wagon. — SinisterGrackle
  • I agree. The 510 is pretty well saturated, wagons included. I'll look ahead and get one on the calendar. — redlinederby
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