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It states USA manufacture only.......????? Thats a new one on me. Can someone shed some light on this for me?

I'm pretty sure that refers to the vehicle make...nit where the Toy is produced
Thanks. .....that makes sense.

This '66 Chevelle was the first 'build up' I ever did. And it was for a race that never happened...

So, I've decided to revisit it. I've got some fun, new stuff to show you, so, keep an eye out over the next couple weeks

Is that the Smokey car?
Yup, that's the Smokey Yunick Chevelle

gave my DCR track record holding "hot rod linkin" [modded '34 packard, w2f base, fte front /5 spoke rear..]

 to fast fred with the trophy....  background car...

The videos will be showing up here:

what did you build for the event?
Here comes the 4th of July Fireworks.
I sent in the old Keychain Camaro; I asked the DCR, and he said the hole drilled in the back would qualify as "modified" by his standards.
I like your Charger! I don't know if it will be able to beat Swat Happy, but it looks nice enough.

The races have started...looks like 4 cars per day. TE made a good showing so far! Mine hasn't run yet

thanks Chris... wish it was faster...
Have you got the Spawn?
Yup, that's me :)

Well, I survived the first did Traction Event! There are some really fast cars in this event...if you haven't been following along, you might want to follow the link above.

RLD is well represented...not just by myself and TE, but by K&O and I think FOTF is still in there as well...K&O is in the lead after the first round!

Yeah, I'm still there ... not sure if I will be next round, though. Hopefully I can find the next gear like TE did.
Apparently those Chevelles can be good American cars for that track--whether they weigh 110+ grams or 72!

Whew, the Spawn funny car lived  to go to the next round! There are only 4, very close cars remaining...the win could go to any of them!

Yup, I'm out some very fast cars left... way to rep RLD guys keep it up!

Congrats Keith...K&O Racing took home the trophy with his Chevelle! And RLD members took 2 podium Spawn funny car managed a third.

This was a fun event to watch and compete in. I hope that there is another next year...or sooner!

Again, Congrats K&O!

K&O built a fast hot rod... see what happens when you build! You win!!!
Nice job all in the top 4 C-10 kept the torch lit for RLD.

Thanks guys, and great job to you as well! After this and maybe just a few more DCRL time trials this year I'm going to retire for a bit maybe from the mail-ins. Like I said on the video there, I barely got anything ready in time for that event, being late has always been a problem with me!

Congrats, and very nice winning car!

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