DDR: Dirt Devils (Weekly Dirt Series) Episode 11 live *Final - Night 2*

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022
Hosted by DDR [D1G1T4L Diecast Racing]

Race review


This was quite the crazy test for all of our Racers! Five Events, alternating between Boulder Bay and Reactor Ridge.

In the end each class had some impressive runs on the Dirt! Overall, no-one dominated quite like Mason "Brick" Roundwell in our Super Mods Class!

Witchblood went on to win the Late models class with just a 1pt margin between himself and the rest of the top 6 drivers, who then battled it out in a 4-lap race for the Top 5!

Willey Mosley proved that consistency was key in the carnage filled Micro Mods group!

The TANG team's Chi Pan held a dominant lead after Event 3 and lead her team to a secure victory over The EH team! The formula dirt class was quite the shakeup group! You never knew what to expect!

And a huge honorable mention goes to Wally Champ and Woodgrain who proved that teamwork made for some great consistent points and a lot of really fun battles to watch as they always tried to team up and help each other in the Late Models class!

Running on the Dirt was a blast this Season, an idea I had and you guys all helped to elevate it and bring it to a greater level of entertainment! Thank you to all who picked a ride and followed us along the way! Maybe someday The Dirt will return!

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