Demolition Derby Days

2seven Thursday, 12/3/2015

Greetings Racers, I would like to purpose a race for January 2016. Inspired by the new Cruiser Bruiser Hot wheel casting, a demolition derby theme drag race and hopefully open tracks too. The two qualifications are as follows: be fast and resemble a vehicle that has participated in many demo’s resulting in scars and mangle-ment?!  

Have a car that was tortured (hammer, vice, fireworks, little sister) in previous years…….well, you sir have the makings of a demo derby car!

Examples of what we are looking for:


Rules & Restrictions

•57gs weight

•fit Drag Track and HW orange track

•2 per household, possibly more depending on interest in event

•any style of vehicle you would see at a demo derby

•any wheel except No FTEs (FTEs = lipstick on a pig for this event)  

•Stock cars allowed but please paint/mangle them to follow the theme!

•Must be drilled rivets

•Dry lubes only


Prizes TBD.

How to enter:

Reply here to enter, also additional host needed to have this as a race series.

Ship cars to address below by 1/23/16

Park Place Raceway

1131 Park Place

Dayton, OH 45449


Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Scoring and Winning TBD by entries


Penalties- overweight by more than 2gs


Tracks & Dates

Please include money for your car to be returned, if you wish not to have it returned it will go to the prize pot.

•Jan 23 Park Place Raceway – drag and open tracks 2seven

•Jan 30, State - Host username?

•Feb 6, State - Host username?

•Feb 13, State - Host username?

•Feb20, State - Host username?

•Feb26, State - Host username?


Winners and Results


TBD. Mention the winner, the final results and include a picture of the winning car if available.


I would enjoy building a car or two for that.

  • me too. but it is kinda short notice for me.s — CrzyTrkrDude
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Mcjiggles9 12/4/15

I would love to participate!

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2seven 12/10/15

Anyone like to host so we can make this a series?

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MoHasAFastCar 12/12/15

I'll run them 5 or 6 wide on my open track drag.  There will be plenty of collisions if that's what we're going for.  The later the better cause I want to try resurfacing it...also running so many at a time makes it a pretty violent raceway (and if ultra violence is a goal given the theme, I can run it extra fast) so better later in case there's damage.  Willing to be final host unless you want them to circle back to you.

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MoHasAFastCar 12/31/15

So this has been real quiet.  For hosts and entrants.  Are we thinking postpone or..........?  

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Stroller 1/1/16

I'm confused as to whether this is a race, sorry. Or is it survival of the fittest ?

  • I think it is, just the cars have to look *really* beat up — redlinederby
  • it is still a drag race — 2seven
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Dadvball 1/2/16

I recently built what we're calling a banger track for the LJLRC. I think the length is about 12-13 ft. Open track with 4 cars at a time. The last foot or so is tapered and allows only one car into the 1-1/2" wide channel at the end. Plenty of banging on the open part on the way down. Fastest car doesn't always win. Right now we're running the kid's cars but adults, including myself, are raring to go. I'll see about doing a video with my cell phone next Sunday at our meeting and see if I can borrow the track to host a weekend. 

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2seven 1/2/16

Should this race be postponed to increase interest? Maybe March? Thoughts? Thanks


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2seven 1/6/16

This race needs to be postponed until further notice and/or interest. thanks


  • I removed the date from the calendar. Just add it back when this returns. — redlinederby
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