Saturday, July 30th, 2016
kylejake Saturday, 4/2/2016

Come and join us once again for Diecast Jam 2 in Lincoln RI at the MacColl YMCA located at 26 Breakneck Hill Rd. Here are some of the things on the schedule. Downhill Gravity Racing on two tracks, Banger Track Racing, Hot Wheels Monster Truck Racing to help raise money for A Wish Come True, Vendor Tables with tons of Diecast for buy, sell, trade, Custom Contest, Learn how to Mod your own Johnny Lightning, Hot Wheels, Matchbox car with Ron Fletcher from the New Jersey Diecast Collectors Club, Wiffle Ball Game, Hole Shot Game (Corn Hole) with DIECAST cars, Cookout, Guest Speakers and more. For more information contact Jeremy@ 401-248-1625 or email him at jeremy@ljlrc.com 


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kylejake 4/2/16

Looking to travel to Lincoln RI for Diecast Jam 2 in July? I will be posting some of the area hotels in the area. Dates are Saturday July 30th and Sunday July 31st.

What are the rules for each race?

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kylejake 6/14/16

Diecast Jam 2 is a two day event with lots of cool things going on.  Please visit LJLRC Diecast Jam 2 on Facebook for all the details. 

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FOTF 6/14/16

Tracksurgeon--here's a decent summary of the club's racing rules (copied, pasted, and edited from something I had previously sent another member):

All races are stock unless otherwise announced.  That means no weight, no drilled rivets/axle swaps, no foreign substances (graphites/lubricants, including soap), no filing/sanding with any tools, preferably no painting or scraping off of paint if you can help it (it's important to be able to tell what edition of the casting is in question).  For stock cars, there are no wheel restrictions--FTEs are allowed in anything, right alongside rubber tires (though I suggest you generally don't bother with those).

Race classes (besides the Kid's Race): Amateur Class (four-lane track--must have either a plastic base or a plastic body--you can only race in it until it's clear you're too much of a competitor); Monster Jam Race (small track--as of yet, only HW Monster Jam Trucks WITH treads in their tires [there are treadless ones which are, as of yet, disallowed]; when I first wrote this, it sounded like mail-ins have to be in the package, but I would ask Jeremy to be sure); Feature Race (changes every month, with a new, specific class each time; now races on the four-lane track); HW Stock (any HWs except Redlines and Funny Cars); MBX Stock (any MBXs except Laser Wheels--all LWs, not just the Datsuns and Nissans); JL Stock (any JL that isn't a BWF '69 Camaro, black Monopoly SIlverado, or Ford/Chevy/Dodge van from the seventies); Forever 64 (the newer--yet now also discontinued--JLs with the plastic bases that you could by in the smaller, usually red packages; includes 40th Anniversary Editions); Any Brand (anything that's not too big and not a BWF Camaro); Lightning Fast 1 (BWF Camaros that "qualified" within around the past year [in that given month] with a time of 2.235 or better); Lightning Fast 2 (anything of any size that's not a BWF Camaro, that "qualified" within around the past year with a time of 2.235 or better); LF Qualifying (you can send/have sent ten cars to qualify with a time of 2.235 or better [it's essentially a time trial], qualifying a maximum of five, at the end of racing every month; they must qualify before you can race them, and they will stay qualified for a year).  Lightning Fast and Monster Jam are $1 per car; all other listed classes are $0.50 per car; qualifying is free.  Occasionally, they'll have a special/charity race for one or two bucks apiece.

Retired Cars: to start, from normal racing (excluding Lightning Fast and perhaps some Feature Races--ask before sending them), all JL '69 BWF Street Freaks Camaros are retired ('67 Camaros of a similar edition are not retired like this), along with all overly-large cars (you'll probably know clearly if it's too long, but ask Jeremy for the specific measurement).  Also, when you win with a car in most classes (which excludes LF 1 & 2), that car is retired until the end-of-year finals.  You then take a break from racing that casting for the rest of that year and the next year, but you can bring back the very same car the year after THAT (as long as it doesn't win Fastest Car of the Year over all; if it does that, you can bring back another of the same casting, but the exact same car).

Two cars of the same "casting" are defined as two cars which are EXACTLY the same.  For example, a black Chevy Spiderman van with hard-cast tires and another of the same thing with rubber tires are TWO DIFFERENT CASTINGS.  Any variation at all makes a car a different casting--for example, a White Lightning is a different casting than is a normal Johnny Lightning.  You can only race one of a casting per race (again, you could race a WL and a regular JL together, but not two of the exact same JL).  One good example is the black Ferrari Testarossa; we had someone who raced multiple black Testarossas at once, all with different wheels.  You can race multiple of the same casting in non-points classes, but you can only race a maximum of four total cars in each LF class.

Points standings start in January; points chase starts possibly in October.

I would love to participate in this but I'm out of state. Will you guys be accepting out of state cars, if so what address should I send them to and is there any forms I have to fill out for this.

Thank you ahead if time

  • Win in HW Stock and maybe you can race my Hot Tub in the finals! — FOTF
  • Few clubs are AS into mail-ins as the LJLRC! Jeremy can give you more info at some point. — FOTF
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kylejake 7/7/16

Diecast Racer PR I sent you a PM

Got it and responded 

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kylejake 7/7/16

I never received it 

Just sent another let me know if you got it.

Thank you 

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kylejake 7/8/16

Sent you a PM

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