Diecast Racer Report for August 2020

redlinederby Monday, 8/31/2020
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Last month we launched a new Members section here at Redline Derby that shows yearly and career win stats for racers. This gives us all some small insight as to how other racers are performing (and who you're chasing).

It seems to make sense to do a monthly recap but it all depends on how many events get run in any given month, and how much reporting there is. So here's the first Racer Report for 2020.

August Racer Report

As August comes to a close we see Red Pill Racing at the head of the class for the year with 4, 1st place finishes. His most recent victory in the July RLD Racing League race pushed him ahead of Voxxer Racing and Mattman213, who both have 3 wins so far for the year. Behind them are Diecast64 and 41-14 Racing, sitting in a tie for 3rd.

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When it comes to podium finishes, Mattman213 has an impressive 10, 2nd or 3rd place finishes for the year. They like say you're a bride's maid and never a bride...well...Matt's living it. Voxxer Racing, Diecast64, Red Pill, and League of Speed round out the Top 5 for podium finishes so far in 2020.

Congrats to Red Pill and Mattman213 on their finishes and quest for speed. August saw a ton of races on the calendar including 5 divison races for the Poppa Speed Invitational that are still in progress. Here's a rundown of winners from this month.

August winners

  • JP in the King of the Hill series at My Hot Wheels Collection
  • Captain Jack Sparrow in the Massacre's Monster Truck Mayhem at Diablo Ridge Raceway
  • Redline Derby in the Big Dog Run at Chaos Canyon
  • Red Pill Racing in the RLD Racing League July race (was delayed until August) at the Bayou City Diecast Raceplex
  • Rivera Racing in the RLD Racing League August race at the Bayou City Diecast Raceplex
  • League of Speed in the 8 Modders race at Psychdelic Speedway

See the complete list of events and winners

Please note that all standings and stats are based on the results self-reported by clubs and event organizers. There was more racing and winners than that talked about here, but we only know what we're told. If you've won a race and that event was not accounted for in any listing, let your race organizer know they can easily submit the final results and you'll get your wins tracked and be included in these reports.

And that was the first Redline Derby Racer Report. What do you think, worth it? Your feedback is appreciated.

The racing calendar is stacked with events in September and October, so I hope everyone has a chance to get in on some of the action. The next Racer Report will be at the end of September.


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Kevblokey 9/3/20

King of the HILL even...

But apart from that... Very good!

  • Ha, thanks. Although King of the Kill sounds more exciting. — redlinederby
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