Diecast Racers Give Back

Crazy_Canuck Thursday, 11/25/2021

hey everyone, in the spirit of the season some of the best dudes in Diecast racing have put together a little something to help support an amazing cause. This all started with Baines down at LYDC in Austin and his wish to raise some coin for the Toys-For-Tots charity. Once Josh from Rust Belt got involved it snowballed! So if you are feeling thankful this holiday season a small donation to TFT's will net you an awesome 13 month downloadable calendar for 2022 showcasing some of the most Iconic Diecast builders from the past year. Then follow that up by marking the date for something truly special coming soon from Live Young DieCast in December. 
cheers all!

here's to the Love of Diecast! And a successful New Season of racing in 2022



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