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Kit_Kayem Tuesday, 6/23/2020

So, on June 15th I published the first issue of "Diecast Racing Report".  The magazine is going to come out every 1st and 15th of the month.  I just applied for an ISSN from the library of congress, so I guess it's official now.  I've got most of my articles, interviews, and departmental features lined up for the next three issues, but... if you have ideas of things you'd like to see covered, please put them here in the thread.  Also, for the next two issues, I'm giving complimentary ads to websites, leagues, and teams who have a link/channel/page to promote.  You can contact me about that at adverts@diecastracingreport.com.

I'll post a link to the first issue in the next reply to this post.  From hereon I'll post each issue in this thread the moment it's published.

Sorry I didn't get it put up here sooner.  In the stressed rush to get it done, I haven't yet fully worked out my social network presence for the magazine.

Also... I'm looking for at least one more writer, if anyone is interested.  Send those thoughts to kit@diecastracingreport.com

Kit K-M


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redlinederby 6/23/20
Site manager

Sounds great! Well, I've got no shame in asking if Redline Derby can get some "ad" space in some upcoming issues. I'd also be happy to contribute articles or interviews when the opportunities arise. We've been promoting diecast racing for 10+ years at this point so always excited for new outlets to help spread the word.

I'll try to email you here soon...or PM me or hit werace@redlinederby.com if you want to talk details about anything.

  • Just sent you a reply email. I look forward to working with you to spread the word on this whole world of racing! — Kit_Kayem
  • Redlinederby, I fully support your request for "ad" space. redlinederby is just a fantastic advertisement for the sport and a top promoter of all things Die Cast. You always take the time to support and encourage those just starting out. — Javajim

Sweet. Congrats!

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LeagueofSpeed 6/24/20
Event coordinator

Loved the 1st issue and I'm always around for anything you might need or that I can help with...Keep keeping on.

...Peace and Speed 

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Javajim 6/24/20

Great first issue, like the way you can navigate to various links within the report. Really looking forward to subsequent issues. As someone who is very new to the sport/hobby it's great to have material like this to help me and others to get to know this fantastic world. Like many I'm sure as a result of COVID 19 lockdown saw 3Dbotmakers videos on YouTube and suddenly were hooked. It's exciting, it's action packed, it's fun, it's very creative from customizing cars to building track layouts, organizing racing events to filming and editing. All of which appeals to myself and many others like me across the globe. 

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