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GT_Diecast Tuesday, 12/27/2022

I have seen many tracks like, for example 3d's Race Mountain, Brick mountain speedway 2.0, chaos canyon's helix 2.0 track, Monster motorsport's pacific rim speedway, among many others that have a lot of diorama. I know some stuff, maybe, but not a lot, so if you guys could help me, that would be great!



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dr_dodge 12/27/22

is a simple formula in general,

base material (I like foam) shaped to fit

then with paint/glue mix (add some dry wall mud for the amount of texture),
Let dry moderately
Dust with colored sand(s), spritz with water to start it melting into the previously applied paint glue coat
Then drip 30% glue/70% water.  If the drop sucks right up, good, give another drop, (keep moving not all in one spot)
if it pools, stop the glue water and let dry.
then spritz, and drip more, until all sand is locked in (like concrete)
when wet, alternate colors of sand, make mixes of other materials, use ground leaves and sticks for natural ground cover, 
Just keep layering it up, with varying colors and textures

  • I don't think I get it /:( — GT_Diecast
  • https://www.staging.nmra.org/beginner/foam-scenery (good start here) — dr_dodge
  • Thank you. I'll check it out. — GT_Diecast
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SpyDude 12/27/22

Honestly, check out a bunch of the model railroad forums.  You want help on ANY kind of scenery or diorama, you talk to those guys.  One of them is going to know exactly how to do what you want.

  • Thanks a lot! — GT_Diecast
  • the model rr stuff is a great source. lots of top notch scenery supplies are readily available for fairly cheap, just get a chunk of random foam and give it hell — dr_dodge
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GT_Diecast 12/30/22

I just found this old Tutorial thread here on redline derby, if it would help anybody. 

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