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Dixie Gran Prix 3

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Either of these open wheels count? I throw myself at the mercy of the committee.

  • need to go to vote on those...plenty of eligible castings out thete — LeagueofSpeed

A good rule of thumb to follow if you don't have any already on the eligible Indy/F1 types 

  • Ohhhh I get it now. I thought it was just any open wheels. — RustBeltRacing
  • Turbolence however...isn't Open Wheeled...just saying — LeagueofSpeed
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Mattman213 6/8/20

Count me in for my normal 2 teams, mine and L&M!


Hey Guys,

Ok, I'm going to have to have a crack at this event! With a Deadline of 16th Sept, that means to be almost safe I will have to post very early August. (Two months to get my act together!)

I already have a few of the listed eligible castings to modify. As I will experiment with a few builds can I have the following two castings also vetted for approval. 1/MotorMax "Indy Car" 2/Vintage Tomica Lotus John Player Special.

Cheers - aka Marc D - CutRockCreekRacing And I forgot, last one : Teamsterz TM119B

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Mayfield41 6/10/20

I'll take a slot. Was going to voxxerize one but now I'll just keep it real.

  • open field and yes...original can paint it but must be original body — LeagueofSpeed
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Mayfield41 6/10/20

Formula E gen 2?

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Mayfield41 6/10/20

Johnny lightning cherry bomb left and no name on bottom bw on right??

At first I thought it was kind of random castings, then I realized they are mostly Indy style cars. 

I was wondering what is a Hotwheels 500. At first I thought it was this car (see photo) but for some reason I feel wrong? 

Is a Hotwheels Ferrari 512 eligible? 

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Foursix 6/12/20

new shoes are gonna be a little taller but a little more bottom clearance might be good!

These are Hot Wheels 500's

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Foursix 6/12/20

picture is bad but bottom says Corgi, f1 race car, made in china, is this an acceptable casting? What did I find?

  • I looked it up, nothing special from '94 but I like that it's all metal! it — Foursix
  • that a Go...Build away — LeagueofSpeed
  • Yessir — Foursix
  • Is that a Matchbox casting in a Hot Wheels package? — Uncle_Elvis
  • Nope a corgi — Foursix
  • — Foursix

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