Does certain cars not work on your track?

jayehessohen Sunday, 10/31/2021

I'm just wondering if others have the same issue with not all cars being able to make it thru their entire track?  I'm guessing this is the norm but I'm having issues mostly where I have a 45*  Slanman turn.  I'm guessing it isn't the turn itself but some vehicles are  just not able to make it thru there without flipping or spinning out.  I have tried everything to tweak it but can't figure it out.


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Chaos_Canyon 10/31/21

I find at the canyon that the 32 fords and the VW beetles all roll in the first corner as they are short wheelbase and high centre of gravity. 

  • Thanks for your reply, I love your videos! It's very frustrating not having consistent runs and it's all happening at the 45* turn. I think im gonna have to replace it with something else and see if that helps. Do you have any 45's from Slanman on your track? I love his products and he's awesome but this 45* turn is giving me some headaches. — jayehessohen
  • Thanks :) No, everything on the canyon is handbuilt out of palight, there is nothing that has been store bought for it. It has it's own challenges but we love it cause we can make whatever shape/size we want — Chaos_Canyon
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Uncle_Elvis 11/1/21

I mean, it says it on the bottom of the package, "Not for use with all cars."

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Gravitywerx 11/1/21

Having some cars not make it down your track is not a bad thing. An open track should only be used for low CG-long WB cars. It's a race track. I'm in disbelief at some of the cars that compete in the YouTube races. 

I have a gen1 Slanman dual lane 180 turn without the bank, and there are several cars that won't make it. I have tried to make note of those castings when I post races.

For example, the VW golf or other "tall" vehicles like food trucks always flip in the turn. Longer cars like buses or Way 2 Fast get stuck because they are too long. The Tooned Mustang stops because of the exhaust pipes on the sides are too wide. Surf n' Turf stops because body is too wide. Also, any car where the fender/wheel well extends wider than the wheel itself so the fender rubs on the track walls. These cars slow down a lot from the fenders rubbing. These are cars like Ford Falcon, Ford gran Torino Talledega, etc. Finally, a Zoom-in is too wide and long to fit as well.

Because of this, I won't install a divided curve on my next track regardless of who makes it.

But if you're looking for suggestions, maybe making the entry of the turn a bit higher than the exit of the turn. Or vice versa... making the exit lower than the entry. I say both because I don't know if you can adjust both, or just one or the other on your track.

  • Thanks for the details and suggestions! Yes I find that anything with a high CG such as food trucks like you said, are an issue on my track. — jayehessohen
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jdensillegg 11/1/21

I had a few different 45* turns that I replaced; 2 laned and 1 open. I had several castings that would get hung up in the laned turns and a lot of cars would lose control on the open 45*. Might have been the material or the angle, it's tough to tell. I replaced the laned turns with a chicane I made using plate metal and HDP sheets and just reconfigured the track to remove the need for the open 45*. One lesson I've definitely learned is that turns are your enemy. The more you have, the fewer cars are likely to make it to the finish line. That being said, my track still has 9 turns totalling 1170* . It started with 14 though, so... progress.

  • Haha yes I have learned that turns can be a bad thing... I have 7 total turns including two 45* turns. I think I may have helped my issue a little but haven't completely gotten rid of it. I had a 2-lane 180 going to a C/R straight then to the 45* bank.... I just switched out the C/R for two single lanes and that now goes into the 45* and it has helped some but crashes do still happen, although not as often. — jayehessohen

At speedzip 2.0 long wheelbase cars tend to get stuck around turn 1.

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