Downhill Diecast Drags practice session recap

redlinederby Sunday, 1/26/2020
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This past Saturday was the second test-n-tune open practice sessions for the Downhill Diecast Drags. Autobody Specialists opened their track to the public for a couple hours letting anyone stop by and try out their cars. Some came to test their cars and narrow down their picks, others just came for some fun. I stopped by and did a little of both.

I gave my Super Car entries some runs down their track just for kicks. This ain’t Bootleg Run so the results don’t help there, but I was considering maybe entering one or both into the D3 event if they performed well. They didn’t suck but they weren’t stellar either...and on the Autobody track, they were neck-and-neck despite there almost being 20g difference between the two. What’s that mean? I dunno...

But what I do know is that I have a Monte Carlo that is a demon and on the short list to get raced in the modified class. It’s already at weight so I might need to do some creative modding to qualify. We’ll see.

And while I was thinking about how to creatively modify cars so they are fast and still look like a car, I was reminded that the Downhill Diecast Drags is an event for is proof by this test car being run by Neva of the Autobody crew. And yes, this type modification is legal and welcome. So remember, there’s a chance your pretty custom build might be humbled by the simple-yet-effective strategy.

Regardless what I learned and didn’t learn about my cars during the practice session, what I do know for sure is that everyone is excited for the big race. The Autobody guys are stoked but I also chatted with a few of the public visitors and they’re excited as well. One guy brought his 2 kids and their grandmother to have some fun and it was great seeing how Hot Wheels racing can be enjoyed across three generations. That’s why we do it, folks.

There’s another open practice in a couple weeks and I’ll do my best to go again and spread the good word of diecast racing.



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WorpeX 1/26/20

Your GT Racer without the Spoiler still urks me. Its like... Just a Racer now. Not a GT!

Track looks good, the Autobody Specialists guys have an advantage in the Battle Of The Builders in that they can test whenever they want.... A shame it wont help them!!

  • For whatever reason a bunch of my old ones are the same way, I need to find a stash of loose spoilers and a hatch for a gt40 to make my beaters complete lol — Mattman213

Let them test...the Legion marches toward Ohio to join Forces with are RLD Brethren...and we are bringing the Speed from the land of Dixie 

If there is another test and tune session, I'd be interested...

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redlinederby 1/27/20
Site manager

There are 2 more open practice sessions

  • Sat, Feb 8
  • Sat, Feb 15

Both dates are 10a-noon

If anyone is planning on coming for a practice run, let me know and we can maye grab some breakfast or lunch around the practice.

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