Downhill with Full Scale Drift Pad (Cipularang Work in Progress)

setandiecast Monday, 10/18/2021

Hi Everyone,

         First of all, I'm glad finding this site and I'm so amazed that there are so many trackers contributing and sharing some of their tricks and tips for tracks building. Allow me to share my story building this tracks. On December 2020, I was so inspired by "you know who" the legend 3Dbotmaker content on YouTube. I started building using Curogated Plastic for the whole tracks.

         Then, I got stuck with the curves since I couldn't bend or make flexible turns. So, I had an idea to build it using this round shape found on my dinner table lol. My engineer mode was challenged and it was ok.

         To be honest I wasn't that impressed by how it turned out, and i wished it could be more like car crash figure 8 kinda shape but it wasn't even that close lol. 

           So, I bought 3d printer. I studied drawing the curves using only Tutorial from YouTube using Sketchup. Then, the second problem occured. It took forever to create such smooth curves and it need to be designed part by part. I gave up easily and focused only making the track connectors only.

I didn't even think of making a 180 curve, the 90 turn already took me forever already. I gave up.Then, My Curoplastic straight lane started showing some problems also. The side lane angle seems to be miscalculated and make the cars slowed down.

So I started using the orange tracks. To be honest, it was the best options for straight lane and the only thing I needed to focus was how to connect to custom turns. Thankfully my 3dprinter solved it. I could create any random turns and so my journey continue.

I then also Inspired by tyotoys in how diecast drift so smooth. So I had an idea to involve the drifting to my tracks. So this is my latest track so far.

To be continued (will discuss more about how to make turns from corruplast and car drift)


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Numbskull 10/18/21

Your track looks awesome.

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WallyChamp73 10/18/21


That looks super cool, thanks for sharing!

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SpyDude 10/18/21

First of all, welcome to the site. Lots of good people here, tons of information on modding cars and building tracks.

Second of all .......

D U D E. 

This is seriously impressive as hell. Kudos to you for actually getting a full-scale drift pad that works (more or less) consistently. I also love the layout of the track itself - not just back and forth like several tracks, but actual turns! Real road racing!

Question: I'm guessing your cars are stock. Have you tried using a modified and weighted car yet on the curves? I'm interested in knowing how well that works out.

Nice idea on the salad bowl turn - I've seen that tried before, but yours has been the best so far. I cannot wait to see this track once you've finished it, and hope to race on it one day. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Hi SpyDude, Thank you I'm so excited joining this forum. I've finally found home. Yes, the real reason to make many turns was to slow down before the drift at the beginning, yet it turned out ok. It was supposed to be a figure 8 shape using one board of corruplast but after a couple of tunning, that shape works best i i think My cars are all stock yes for practising. I'm still in the progress of making the tracks smooth first. I'm planning to learn more about modifying cars and of course thank god i found this forum it'll help me a lot later. Btw, all the cars are already modified amateurly. I use magnet for all of them so it'll slide and i added some weight. I still got more stuff to learn how to make it drift consistently and smoothly since all the cars reacts differently even when used magnets. Some really just turn like helicopter because they were too light. I hope you can teach me more about this stuff SpyDude my sensei!. LOL. That salad bowl was just a wild idea since the price for car crash figure 8 imported here would cost me a lot. I will make it better!. — setandiecast
  • . o O (Imported? -checks- Oh, Indonesia … got it.) Your track is just awesome so far, and you should be very proud of what your hard efforts have brought about. I think we all are interested in specific points of your build, like creating the fence between lanes and of course that gorgeous drift pad. I hope you will do a write up of your track soon. — SpyDude
  • Yes, I will write up and take more detail picture to share for everyone here. I hope i can get feedback so i can improve. Btw, i just found out that everyone can host a mail in race. Is it possible to host the race here in Indonesia?. — setandiecast
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CaShMoneyBoyS 10/18/21

That track is incredible! Great Job!!

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setandiecast 10/18/21

SpyDude. This is how I did it. LOL.


And this one with 4 cars

And this one using different cars

  • Okay, so explain the magnets to me. Is there one at the end of the sectioned track, as well, so when the car passes that point, it kicks the rear end over into a slide? — SpyDude
  • I think the cat is just magic. — Numbskull
  • Correct, i will explain it in a bit. This may cause an issue to host a race? — setandiecast
  • Lol yes, the cat is the wont let you finish the race lol — setandiecast
  • No, no, no issue here on hosting a race. We just don’t see a lot of drift cars running over here in the US. Most of what we run is either straight-line drag strips or road courses - it’s very rare to see a drift track out here. That’s why I’m curious as to the specific mods needed to the cars to make them drift. — SpyDude
  • Lets make it then. Im curious wih all different mods with just 1 requirement, magnet at the left side rear only — setandiecast
  • I forgot shipment issue. Internationally is kinda costly. Lol — setandiecast
  • Or i can just post all of my mod cars laters. Lets say 20 cars with detail picture, everyone can claims ownership and naming. Whoever gets it first. Lol possible? — setandiecast
  • Entirely possible - that’s the easiest and best way to do it. — SpyDude
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Rusty 10/18/21

That is a great looking track! I really like the idea of the bowl curve.Neat idea!!

  • Thank you. It need much improvement tho as it wont turn as smooth — setandiecast
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setandiecast 10/19/21

Detail for the Tracks:
1.Starting Gate

Mechanical Custom. I used Corruplast then create this L shape with the extention extention. Works ok so far.


For the turns. I use also Corruplast but using one sided wall. It much better so any car will fit. For the wall/fence`, I create this bellow shape, fold the little rectangle then bend entire long rectangle. Glue the little rectangle at the bottom of the lane turns


This is how it looks from the bottom once you glued the wall/fence

To me it works well, I can create any random turns as the wall/fence will follow.

For the connector between orange and my corruplast turns. I used the 3d printer. I posted it in thingverse: . For everyturns on my corruplast at the end and the begining i cut it this shape so it'll fit with the connector. This way the cars gets stabilized after the turns to go to straight lane.

For the drift, I used magnet at the end of the orange tracks:

For the openlanes i used also Corruplast but on top of it I layered it with this type of plastic material so it will have straight grid and make the cars more stable on the straight lane.

Last but not least, for my drift pad full scale, I used this thin whiteboard material ( wood ) and cut it into a C shape. I use the same tricks for the wall/fence like above. At first it wont be that slippery, but I used this crystal powder for 5cent and it works. The cars will drift randomly then you need to learn from SpyDude to modify the cars using some weight at the rear.

I guess that's all i can share for now. I haven't finished reading all the tutorial from this site and looking forward to improve my tracks definetely. 

Oh for the salad bowl curve, I cut the bowl in half and glued it with PVC board and shape it using a heat gun. 

Notes: for glue tips, I use cigarette bud + power glue. Found the tutorial from youtube. It's stroooooong.

One of the best home-built tracks I've seen yet. One look and I can tell the amount of time, work and effort you have put into this. Keep it up and you'll have a bright future in this sport!

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SpyDude 10/19/21

Okay, officially impressed over here. You've done some REALLY nice work in creating this track, and have put a great deal of thought as well as effort into it. The powder on the track is a good idea, as long as it doesn't gum up the wheels. Well done!

Yes, I think making a series where drivers get to pick their own cars out of the ones you have modified would be easiest. There are a bunch of diecast groups who do driver signups over on Facebook, too - might want to look at putting up a page for your track.

Again, well done.

  • Thanks dude. Yes I agree with the powder it gums up. Im still strugling with the lighting issue currently. My proposal buying lighting setup was rejected badly. I might move the whole setup or recreate but outdoors. Any recomendation? Ive seen outdoor tracks and the lights are perfect — setandiecast
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Playz 10/24/21

Absolutely amazing, love the concept love the design love the crafted track parts...just well done all round 

  • Thank you. I guess due to the lighting issue i need to redesign. Wish me luck — setandiecast
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