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Drag Wagons!!!

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Sounds good I am in. 

The 55 Nomad will be reassembled tomorrow and I will start on the 70 SS Chevelle .....going to be a beautiful day here in some modding on the screened in porch. Looking forward to the race!!!

Got tired of watching my entries go fast on my track...   <<< That is smack talk. :)

Shipped them out today.

best of luck to all...

This isn't going so well.  The axles on those narrow fronts all have burrs on one side.   

The wagons are undergoing speed test and final tuning and should be mailed out this Saturday 2/18 at the latest.     

Will ship on Monday.  I plan on redoing the front end on the Mercury. 

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72_Chevy_C10 2/17/17
Event coordinator

I'm sorry I've been so quiet lately...Toy Faire is happening this weekend, so my life will return to normal now! :)

I got cars from TE yesterday...I suppose I should start thinking about getting my cars ready, huh?

cars went in the mail today.

Well, the Nomads speed was improved, but it had only up to go since it was an absolute sled before the rebuild. The Chevelle....about the same I believe, but the left front wheel kept being an issue which hopefully is now resolved. Looking forward to the race.          

I shouldn't have sold my Datsun wagons at the C4 meet, even though they were sold in seconds. Bad timing.

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72_Chevy_C10 2/24/17
Event coordinator

Hi Guys!

I'm sorry for not promoting this race a little harder...but, it still should be a fun race! I have cars from Traction Event, UndercoverBuick and League of Speed. And, I'm sure I'll probably get something thrown together for this race as well!

Chances are, I'll be running the cars Saturday night...a Saturday night shootout is always fun! Thanks for sending in the cars! Pics and the Bracket will be posted tomorrow afternoon

Hell if you want when they are done racing on your track send them to me we can run them again here.  We race at my house every Wednesday night.  I should have my 3Dbotmaker finish line back this week, its getting updated. 

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