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GTRguy83 Monday, 4/27/2020

We bought a hot wheels drift track. We are going to try to organize drift events so one the other two tracks are complete we will have road, off-road, drag, and drift racing events. If successful I will post my scoring chart if there is interest.


I'd be interested in that for sure.

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GTRguy83 4/27/20

  • Interesting...never seen that playset before — redlinederby
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redlinederby 4/27/20
Site manager

I interviewed a guy several years ago that was working on making a drift playset for Hot Wheels. I believe they were using normal foamboard or coroplast. I think they got pretty far in the product department too...their web site lists the kits but are sold out (or never got to restocking).

I think adding a drifting section/corner to these open road track would be pretty neat to see. It would take up quite a bit of real estate but would certainly be fun to watch. All about the angles, man. 

  • I saw that guy post (Two Toys I think it is?) about 2 months ago that he was back and about to produce the new version but then he's gone quiet again. — Chaos_Canyon
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GTRguy83 4/27/20

We're using one with a launcher. We found this track set at Wal-Mart last week and I couldn't resist. We're using a scoring system that scores angle, speed, inside wall impacts, and completion of the course. Everything is a 0-5 points scale. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to tandem but it's still good fun. It brings the skill of the driver in as you need to find a sweet spot on the launcher to get the car to stay sideways, keep speed, not hit the inside wall, and make it to the finish.

  • Could you move away from the launcher and set up a tandem drop in from an orange track slope instead? — Chaos_Canyon
  • Possibly, but we've all really enjoyed the launcher, it feels more skill based that way. If you launch wrong your run is trash and vise versa. — GTRguy83
  • Have you tried to launch 2 cars at the same time? — Tracanas_DCRPT
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GTRguy83 4/27/20

The scoring system I'm going to use for at least the first few drift events is as follows.

Angle: the track it divided into 5 zones plus one bonus zone. 1 point is awarded per zone the car  stays sideways in up to 6 and if the car changes direction and continues to drift.1 additional point is awarded.

Speed: 0-5 determined by judge. The faster the higher score.

Collisions: 1 point awarded per section with no collisions with the INSIDE wall.

Completion: 1 point awarded per section cleared plus one for crossing the finish line. One additional point awarded for returning to starting box in the proper direction to start the next run.

If the car rolls over or goes off track 0 points are awarded for that run.

Qualifying: 3 runs with combined total for score.

Elimination: 2 runs with combined total for score.

I will work out any bugs and change anything that needs fixed as I go.

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EcuWeeEcosse 4/28/20

Looks like fun. Can't help feeling that once again it is a missed opportunity by Mattel, though. They could surely have designed this so that you could connect it to orange track on a downhill and at the exit, with an under or overpass. Maybe they thought about it and it wasn't technically or commercially viable for some reason. I suppose if the cars have to be launched sideways it would be very hard to get cars entering head on to drift around the track successfully. 

  • The set it's self didn't cost much so they may have been trying to cut costs. — GTRguy83

If you go to ghostjerker YT channel he did a drift competition a few yrs ago.

Maybe that orange curve could be reused somehow with a choroplast track? Maybe they won't drift so good but it's a way to get a great orange turn.

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EcuWeeEcosse 5/19/20

In the first photo in this article there appears to be an official HW drift corner in grey with a single lane entry and exit that attaches to regular orange track. Haven't seen that before! The article seems to date from 2014.


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GTRguy83 5/19/20

That's interesting, I'm not sure if it a drift corner it what. I've never seen it in grey.

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