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DRN Weekly Diecast Racing Report

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dustdriver 6/2/21

This will likely be my most used track for my next several Diecast Racing videos. I'd love to see it shared in the Diecast Racing Report. I really like the Crash Racers set, it works so well. 

Crash Racers Track

We Painted the TRACK and started a new SEASON! Check it out! Top Track time earns you an extra +500 credits! Who will take the win?!? 16 car bracketed tournament! 10 second cars only!

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D1G1T4L 6/5/21

DDR Presents: Ridge Ruler Tournament | Top 16 Part 2

We've been running the Inagural Ridge Ruler Tournament for the last month! alot of crazy races so far, Our track is small (being the first) But ive packed the series with mild story telling.Creating a track both consistent and unpredictablle!

Ridgeville is a City of racers and racing history! From Episode one weve documented the Rise of the Elusive Group "The Six" and learned much of the various aspects that make up our past and the Ridge's Past! 

Episodes have been uploaded (mostly) weekly, I aim for Wednesday uploads and would love to see more racers at the track! Our Fresh Blood - Fresh Speed, Mail in Tournament, set to premier September 1st! :

we'll see you on the track! Be safe, Racers N' Chasers! 

Season 2 EP2 of the underground tournament is here! ENJOY!

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D1G1T4L 6/24/21

DDR: Showdown - "The VI"

Here we are, after all the toil and torment, We see the D1G1 Mod worx Crew Vs. "The VI" in a Showdown to Claim Reactor Ridge as their Home Turf! "The VI" are Wanted all throught Ridgeville for numerous accounts of aggresive Racing and their members have been linked to 3 Fatalities! They've Desecrated our track and led to the Demise of our Dear Friend Benji Mason! To put the story short... These fools are going down! 

Join us next week on 7/1/2021 for our First Showcase Event! The Rocket Oil Rumble! 7 laps of Dirt Racing Madness! A chance to look back on the Racing that made The Ridge Infamous! 

And join us on 7/7/2021 For the Start of Our Muscle Masters Series! This is a 64 car Tournament. *Pick-Em Field, Seats Still Open* 64 Muscle Racers battling it out in 4 top 16 Brackets to claim "The Muscle Master! 

We'll see you Racers N' Chasers on the Track! 

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Bolo_Brown 6/24/21

 M.C.R Mix Car Tournament Race #8 double-elimination round 3 & round 3 of the Redemption drivers it's win or go home
My new track home finally  permanent track hope it works out. It's still a work in progress

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susilo76 7/2/21

Guys please put my race channel and my track to diecast racing report news  so people can know my race channel toi guys,i have register here for few months already and my youtube channel called Zelda Diecast and my youtube link is thanks guys,please put my race channel to diecast racing news report.thanks again

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