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Mcjiggles9 11/2/12

Well I don't have to race on my open track, but If ya'll wanted to experiment with it I think it would be a blast. I would also try to take video so we can ALL watch the action unfold. I think I could preserve the wheels if people are concerned. The track ends with a soft wall, and I could place some padding on the off chance a car falls completely off the track.

Let me know what everyone wants, I can easily do either.

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Mcjiggles9 11/2/12


I'll race and host.

Also maybe up in the first post of this thread add something like:

When you mail your cars please include inside the box a piece of paper with this info:

1) Redline Derby Forum Name
2) Car name/Brand/color (ex: Red/Ferrari F-40/ Hot Wheels)
3) Race Team Name

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johnnyl 11/3/12

FOTF Speedway in New London, Ct. would like to host for January 5/6th and the Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club will host January 13th.

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FOTF 11/5/12

I bet you guys are AFRAID to up it to 100 grams and allow stocks...
So, I'll see what I can conjure up. Actually, one of them (which most of you have probably seen) will be racing today in Top Sportsman 2. As it's completely and utterly hopeless for winning at the moment, I'll be modifying before Dueling Deliveries.

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model40fan 11/5/12

it sounds like you are interested in starting an under 100 gram series of which you would of course host the finals, we have run at 113 grams = 4 ounces, and it is a common limit... use the mail-in tourney topic or P.M. econo-carl,

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EconoCarl 11/5/12

I bet you guys are AFRAID to up it to 100 grams and allow stocks...

It's not about being AFRAID, it's more about structure. One of the members here came up with a race series and those who wish to race in it follow the rules (or structure) of their series.

If you'd like to create a series using your own rules please do. IMO most of the guys (and girls) here are up for just about any CHALLENGE.

A lot of people tracks aren't ready for the 100 gram racers. The transition is really tough on the heavy weights. I changed up my track to accommodate the 65 grammers!

I'll host a January race whenever it easy. When they start heading out west keep 'em coming.

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WorpeX 11/5/12

Pffft my track supports my body weight. I've run up and down it a few times. 100g is nothing!

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Dadvball 11/6/12

I was going to work on a JL Topper Movin' Van. Is that acceptable? If it is, what about the wheels? I see old redline wheels can't be used. What about the Topper wheels? Thanks.

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EconoCarl 11/6/12

Forgot to add "Must use Hot Wheels wheels".
The 'rules' post has been changed to reflect that.

Smitty's gonna' have to rule on the JL Topper Movin' Van (and other Fantasy type vehicles).

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model40fan 11/6/12

tough to rule on something i have never heard of... let's hear the pro's and con's ....