Easy diorama/backscene

Kevblokey Sunday, 6/14/2020

Nice easy 5 minute job.

Want an easy backdrop for photographing cars?




(Or similar, I just searched Google images for 'Container Stack' & 'Asphalt')

Scale to size (I use Powerpoint, nice & easy).

Print out and trim as required.

Mount backscene onto a board of some description.

Position as needed and Bob's your uncle and Fanny's your aunt as they say...




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madmax 6/14/20

Thats really cool and looks pretty easy to do.. THank you for the post and pictures.

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PeteB 6/14/20

Nice one KB. Looks the business.

Good one KB!

(Yep I know that saying!)

Cheers all

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Kevblokey 6/18/20

A further option, I just searched for 'graffiti wall'...

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