End of Year Open Track Mail-In

Friday, December 30th, 2016
Mcjiggles9 Monday, 11/21/2016

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It has been far too long since the World Race was hosted in Connecticut a year ago. Cliffordshaw and I are excited to announce we will be hosting another Open Track racing event before the new year. This event is open to everyone and will be held REGARDLESS of the number of entrants we have.

 Open Track racing consists of three cars gaining initial speed in separate orange track lanes and then being let loose into open Sizzler track where passing and crashing can occur. 

If you haven't seen our track, check out this link to see how the track will be constructed.


We're excited to see everyone on the black track!

Video results will be posted to my channel

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight: 57 grams or less
  • Stock or Mods are allowed

How to enter

Each entrant is allowed two cars. Post a reply of your intention to participate.

Where to send your cars

Cooper Siebers

385 Cherry Brook Road

Canton CT, 06019

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

 All entries must be received by the host before 12/27/16

Try to get your entries in ASAP to avoid holiday mailing issues!


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Traction-Event 11/21/16


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FOTF 11/21/16


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Diecast64 11/22/16

Woohoo! See ya on the track!

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Traction-Event 11/23/16

Home with the boys today... picked out a couple cars to build for this event...  I'll update this post later.

Productive morning


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FOTF 11/27/16

So of course I'm going to enter the old red JL Viper....


I might put in a two-time Banger Race-winner Hot Ones Sol-Aire for my second, though I'll have to check the weight on it to see if it's light enough:

  • According to the DCR (going by one of their videos), the Sol-Aire's apparently one gram overweight.... — FOTF
  • Thats ok FOTF, thats close enough! — Mcjiggles9
  • All right! Thank you! — FOTF
  • nice post — mochilalaptop
  • Thanks! — FOTF
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Mcjiggles9 11/28/16

Im excited to see the interest already. This is gonna be a fun event. I looking to make the track a little more interesting and going to up the quality of the film presentation. 

My cars  mail today... Open Track madness

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Mcjiggles9 12/7/16

Traction Event, Your entries have arrived safe and sound here in CT!

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Goolz11 12/8/16

So how many entries per household?  My boy has a team and I do too...

  • We want everyone in on the action. Each individual can enter two entries. Excited to have you aboard! — Mcjiggles9
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Chopper 12/15/16

This one looks great! Hoping to get an entry package with two cars out early next week. Thanks for hosting! Love the open tracks.

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Diecast64 12/18/16

These guys will be going out on Monday. 


  • Those look intimidating, Robbie. BTW, loved the Christmas Rip n Race event. Great turnout! — Chopper
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NewGuy 12/18/16

I hope to enter, but I'm not sure I'll have enough time (I just joined the site about 40ish seconds ago). I only live a little over 20 mile from where you're racing, too!

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