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End of Year Open Track Mail-In

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This will be my first try at Open Track. I'll try to build a car with the center of gravity of a pancake.

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Mcjiggles9 12/20/16

I'm excited to see all the interest. Since we have some new guys wanting to enter and we've had something come up here. I'll be postponing the event until the first week of January. This will end up being the first race of 2017 rather than the last of 2016. Hope that gives some more time for you guys!

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Mcjiggles9 12/20/16

One final note, we will be racing on a BLACK sizzler track as opposed to ORANGE track so I recommend light color schemes. Black and dark cars can be sometimes hard to see on video but not a requirement, just a tip!

And just like to echo Traction Events comment above, this is gonna be an awesome event, especially if all of you enter. Mods are not required and dont even guarantee better success on the open track so if you run out of time during the holiday season just send some stocks in!

Ready to roll! Sponsored by Iron Horse Antiques. "Ordinance" and "Predecessor"

These might do the trick but the gray one might lose its axles if the package gets crushed during shipping.

Can I still enter my cars if they'll be there before December 30?

  • yes of course! This is more of a once everyone is here, well get started event — Mcjiggles9
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Mcjiggles9 12/31/16

Alright Guys, 

Things have settled down this week and I finally had the time to open our current entrants. This is who we have so far, plus Cliffordshaw and I will have our entrants ready for the race. That makes a field of 12. Anyone else waiting for cars to get here?


Traction Event

A Baja Breaker and the Honda

2 Cadillac V16s, one of them hasnt been sealed shut so Ill go ahead and do so before raceday unless you want it to race like that?

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FOTF 12/31/16

Want to apologize for the delay here ... hoping to get mine and SDR's out Tuesday, sinceonday's a holiday (if that'll work, seeing that the event was switched to the first week in 2017 rather than the last of 2016--if not, just let me know).

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Chopper 1/1/17

I'd hoped to get cars in the mail for this but won't be able to. Hope you post footage of the race!

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Mcjiggles9 1/1/17

Well since the race date has changed it is kind of unofficial at this point and flexible, I dont think anyone would mind waiting just a tad longer if you guys can get them in the mail sometime in the next few days?

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Mcjiggles9 1/3/17


  • Ours should apparently be there today or tomorrow. — FOTF
  • Did you get mine? — gtaman

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