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End of Year Open Track Mail-In

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Mcjiggles9 1/6/17

Yes GTAman yours have arrived. Alright FOTF well wait for yours and hopefully we can get this done on Saturday or Sunday, if yours don't make it well find a day next week once they come :D

Charged to FOTF

  • Fastest of the Fashionably Late.... — FOTF
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Mcjiggles9 1/6/17

Good news, FOTFs cars arrived today so well race this weekend! Stay tuned

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Mcjiggles9 1/6/17

FOTF I have three of your care here, you only can enter two, which two would you like

1. sol air

2. gt40

3. viper

  • Sorry I didn't specify--the Viper and Sol-Aire are mine, the Ford GT is my dad's (Sinisterdog's). — FOTF
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Mcjiggles9 1/7/17

Open track racing is in the books, working on the video now!

  • Can't wait! — Diecast64
  • looking forward to a great show! Thanks for hosting and putting it all together. — Traction-Event
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Mcjiggles9 1/8/17

Sorry for all the delays we've had you all are going to have to be patient for this video. I recently got myself my first mac, working on transferring files which is causing me difficulties. 

  • I had better luck plugging the I phone into the Mac... rather than waiting on them to transfer via cloud...etc — Traction-Event
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Mcjiggles9 1/9/17


This event is tricky to organize and score. This is the way it works. 

Each heat consists of three cars. Each car is raced in each lane hence three races per heat.

Points are awarded based on finish.

1st- 3

2nd- 2

3rd- 1

DNF- 0

Hence DNFs can really hurt a cars chance at proceeding to the next round.

We had a 15 car field so 5 heats in the first round, followed by a grudge match of the 3 highest scoring non winning cars form all 5 rounds, followed by round 2, another grudge match of the two 2nd place cars from round 2 and then a finale. 

This will make more sense in he video. 

Sorry for the long delay. To redeem this, I hope to run and produce another video of a normal orange track drag. This is a fast bunch so it should be fun. 

Without further ado,

  • Hot Wheels and Star Wars... epic! — Traction-Event
  • My white Cadillac V16 did amazing! It raced like in the game Burnout Revenge! — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon
  • Great racing and video! Awesome job! — Diecast64
  • ^ Great game, and great race, thanks for hosting. — gtaman
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Chopper 1/9/17

Great track. Beautiful cars. Fun watch. Thanks for posting for us onlookers!

I was surprised how my V16s turned out. Even more surprised that it went into Mortal Kombat mode in the finale! Very action-packed race!

Thanks to Mcjiggles and Clifford Shaw for putting on this race. Great to see you both on track again!

 Congrats to TS on the win, sliced his way to the front. Nice work!

My cars did not fair so well, ... but if I read correctly... we may have a shot at redemption? 2nd race? straight up drag race?

Nice cars on the track, and the race was really fast! Things were kinda odd in the finale when the Split Decision's chassis pushed the Cadillac through the track, but this is like a three-in-one for Tracksurgeon Racing: first open track entry, first open track victory, and first mail-in victory.

nice post

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