Family Grudge Match

Goolz11 Tuesday, 7/5/2011

Team List...

-'68 El Camino
-'55 Chevy
-'66 Nova
-Bat Mobile
-La Troca
-'67 Camaro
-Shadow Jet II

-'58 Corvette
-Hemi Cuda
-8 Crate
-'69 Dodge Daytona
-Croc Rod
-'74 Dodge Demon
-HW Prototype 12
-Buzz Off

-Mustang Mach I
-Honda Racer
-Plymouth Duster
-Nomadder What
-Dodge Challenger Drift Car
-Ferrari F50
-Pikes Peake Tacoma
-Dodge Charger Drift

-Circle Trucker
-The Gov'ner
-Lamborghini Marcielago
-Super Tuner
-Lotus Elise 340R
-Super Gnat
-Nissan Titan
-Lamborghini Gallardo

This is going to be interesting... We then drew poker chips with numbers from 1 thru 32 to log them into the bracket.


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Goolz11 7/5/11

First Round Match-Ups
First car to win two out of three advances...

Nomadder What (Wife)
'67 Camaro (FIL)

'68 El Camino (FIL)
Ferrari F50 (Wife)

Bat Mobile (FIL)
'74 Dodge Demon (MIL)

'69 Dodge Daytona(MIL)
Super Gnat (Son)

Honda Racer (Wife)
Lotus Elise 340R (Son)

Croc Rod (MIL)
Dodge Charger Drift (Wife)

The Gov'ner (Son)
Dodge Challenger Drift Car (Wife)

La Troca (FIL)
Super Tuner (Son)

Lamborghini Gallardo (Son)
Lamborghini Marcielago (Son)

Hemi Cuda (MIL)
'58 Corvette (MIL)

Plymouth Duster (Wife)
'55 Chevy (FIL)

HW Prototype 12 (MIL)
Circle Trucker (Son)

'66 Nova (FIL)
Nissan Titan (Son)

8 Crate (MIL)
Shadow Jet II (Fil)

Bugatti (FIL)
Pikes Peake Tacoma (Wife)

Mustang Mach I (Wife)
Buzz Off (MIL)

MIL = Mother-In-Law, FIL = Father-In-Law

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WorpeX 7/5/11

Nice picks! I'm liking your wife's choices the best. Ferrari F50, Nomadder What, Pikes Peak Tacoma, Mustang Mach I... All have been rather successful designs on my track.

I'm also liking the Lotus 340R pick. Not because its a fast car, but just because its so damn sexy! Sadly though, despite my best attempts to find one which was quick... its never performed well for me.

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Goolz11 7/5/11

My Wife's picks are solid, but I'm leaning toward The Titan... It seems to be one of the best balanced diecasts. I do have the F5o vs the Nissan Titan in the final though.

We also make our picks just like we would for the RedLine Derby Fantasy Racing League.

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JDC442 7/5/11

If that Dodge Demon is the purple one, I'm pickin' it to win.

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Goolz11 7/6/11

It's green...

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Jobe 7/6/11

sweet, thats going to be alot of racing! some good match up there

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WorpeX 7/23/11

What happened to the results for this?

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JDC442 7/24/11

Did the in-laws win or something?

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Goolz11 8/6/11

Sorry guys... I've been under the weather... I have the results here somewhere... I'll find them and post them soon... Sorry again!

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