Fantasy League Raffle Event Official Thread! (Results Posted!)

MattCat Thursday, 11/20/2014

All you need to do is enter! This is a fantasy league race run like a raffle. Pick a number from 1-20 and that will be your car! You will not know what car you get until the results are in. It's just a bit of fun, getting away from the usual Fantasy League style. Congratulations to NerveHammerFTE, FOTF and Stroller!

Car 1:

Car 2: FOTF- Hot Wheels 5 Alarm 2ND!

Car 3: Hotrainiac- Hot Wheels Mystery Model

Car 4:Stroller- Some random no brand diecast firetruck 3RD!

Car 5: Traction Event- Hot Wheels GT-90

Car 6: NerveHammerFTE- Matchbox Superfast Cougar Villager 1ST! 

Car 7: Keef921- Matchbox Pontiac Firebird Ramair  

Car 8: Nightstalker8- Hot Wheels Corvette Stingray 

Car 13: 72 Chevy- Hot Wheels 360 Modena

Car 16: K and O racing- Matchbox Superfast Cement Truck

Car 17: Redlinederby- Hot Wheels Open Roadster 

Thankyou to everyone who participated! Will be run on the grey track.


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Traction-Event 11/20/14

sure, count me in #5

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NerveHammerFTE 11/20/14

#42 lol

put me down for #6

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72_Chevy_C10 11/20/14
Event coordinator

Lucky #13 for me, please

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hotrainiac 11/20/14

3 Please

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KandORacing 11/20/14

#16 Please! Thank you!

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FOTF 11/20/14

Il numero due, per favore.

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Stroller 11/21/14

I will take #4 for my ride....Stroller

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catmaster101 1/14/15

has the race already passed?

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model40fan 1/14/15

not really fantasy league, but what gives with one of the roundy round Bush brothers testifying under oath that he had been married to a trained assassin ? ...

  • I saw that! That's crazy! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • hope big mike doesn't have parcels en-route, bus full of prisoners went off overpass landed on UPS train car, 10 dead, parcels all over.. — model40fan
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MattCat 1/27/15

Sorry for the late start, but I'm gonna actually race this thing now! Let's see what the results are!

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