Fantasy League so far...

JDC442 Sunday, 8/29/2010

So what do you guys think? This bracket picking is kinda hard isn't it. I'm doing alright thus far, but I'm finding that my picks are wrong more often than not.
Jobe is doing awesome for his first season and now in the second position with several others are not far behind.
Bandeezee/Ohana is off to a frantic start, he must really know his Hot Wheels. I'm impressed, but can he hold that pace? We'll see....


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Jobe 8/29/10

Hey, we are tied in points but you are in second, not me!
It's pretty interesting racing and educated (semi anyway) guessing.

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redlinederby 8/29/10
Site manager

Just to clear up any confusion, when players are tied for points they are simply listed alphabetically in the order. There's nothing fancy going on there, I was just lazy when it came to display the rankings.

But I'm glad to hear the brackets are a fun challenge. This whole tournament format is far more interesting that the heads-up races we did in the first season. I make sure to pick my brackets before I do any racing to keep things fair and I really suck at my own game! I think it's great using the ratings to narrow down the car choices, it gets really fun once you get a bunch of unproven cars. And to see more than half of the signed up users actually playing week after week is great. I couldn't ask for much more at this point.

After next week we'll be half way through the second season!

And I just got a bunch of cars from Jobe over the weekend so there will a dozen or so new additions coming up this week if I can find some time to shoot some photos.

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markkaz 8/30/10

I'm getting smoked but at least I picked up a couple places
this past weekend. Two concurrent races per week works
well in my opinion. Your webpage layout is fantastic and
very well done. I look forward to participating for

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Bandeezee 9/6/10

Well I had a nice lead before your car won Saturday LOL. My family and I did a lot of racing, so my picks are all off experience (and last season's results).

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