Fantasy Raffle

MattCat Tuesday, 11/18/2014

Just before I start, this is just an idea.

I think it would be fun to hold a Fantasy Raffle, where a Redline Derby user picks a number, let's say 13, and gets the number 13 car in the race. You do not know what sort of car you have got until the results come back in. So It's really like a raffle, you pick a number, be assigned an unknown car and see if luck was on your side! This is just an Idea, and I think it would be fun to do!


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redlinederby 11/18/14
Site manager

Good idea! This kind of goes with an idea that I had where each player gets a random car "card" and then if that car ends up getting raced you get bonus points or something. Kind of lottery style...

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MattCat 11/19/14

Yeah, I would run that competition!

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Stroller 11/20/14

This would eliminate the mailing back and forth, but would also eliminate the creativity of building a car.  But both styles of racing have merit and I would play in either.....Stroller

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MattCat 11/20/14

Yes, I have decided I will run one.

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