Fastest cars I own

slash288 Friday, 1/4/2013

Here are 2 of my fastest cars i own. after nearly 400 cars of trying, still the most consistant winners.

the Flame Proof Zander and my Classic Batmobile FTE

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox


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EconoCarl 1/4/13

Sounds like you did a lot of testing!
Hope to see your cars in the next Diecast Challenge Series.

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redlinederby 1/4/13
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When I started racing, the Batmobile FTE was easily the fastest in my collection, along with the 65 Fastback. The Batmobile was my standard to beat as I modded my own cars trying to make them faster. I never was able to make one go faster and haven't really tried since.

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WorpeX 1/4/13

I like Zender Fact 4's. I have one which is crazy fast and one I modded into being an FTE! Great cars.

I didn't know the Batmobile FTE is fast . Funny though I took a regular Batmobile and added FTE's for one of the mail in races and it was OK, nothing great.

My ZenderFact4 must have bent axles or something. I think I have more in a box I'll have to dig out.

What I don't like about that Batman car is that one end is narrower than the other and can get a little "loose" down the track at time. Mine is fast as well, just not super fast.

My Firebird Funny Car.
I had a big race 3 years ago and my 300C Hemi won. (not THAT one,Carl)

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GspeedR 1/4/13

Nice cars!

I agree about the Zender Fact 4...I have a few quick ones w/UltraHots. I' d certainly rank them among the best metal- on- plastic cars. I' 've never raced the Batmobile because I' 've never been able to find one for a reasonable price ....higher demand from a broader collector base, I guess.

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model40fan 1/5/13

hold your harness and tighten your chinstrap CARL...
...100 GRAMS of the "KINGKUDA INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY'S" TRACK RECORD HOLDER @ 2.929 sec..... "B ALTERED" ;Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

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model40fan 1/5/13

A circulating RUMOR has it that CARL has acquired a lawyer's dozen WAY 2 FAST...
He has 2.929 in his sights... what I "SEE" is TROUBLE !

I just looked and the Batman FTE is in Bracket #3 in my race of champions (other thread). He brings a 9-3 record in and is ranked #99. He should win his first race and then will likely get crushed in the 2nd round.

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Stroller 1/16/13

Well, yesterday I ran my "indoor winter" track. It's 16 degrees here so I'm staying inside. So anyway I put down 6 feet of track with only a 2 inch incline. More of a rolling resistance test than a race. The best car out of over 200 cars was the Ferarri Italia FTE it beat everything a close second was the Super Snake FTE and the Superbird FTE. Gonna see if a longer track still has the same "Top Dog" when spring gets here.

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