Tournaments and RacingFat Track Road Course and 100 Subscriber Race Tournament

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I finished making my new fat track road course and it's time to race. I'm going to have a race tournament to celebrate 100 subscribers on youtube. There will be 18 cars available to choose from on a first come first serve basis. Sign up / car selection video will be posted on Wednesday.

Also, instead of advertising big brand companies in my speedway, I decided to put up signs for some diecast sites and racing channels. 

Cool Track and Video!!!

Congrats on 100 subs!  Your videos are just as polished and impressive as is your products!

Tournament car selection has begun!

Well done!!!

That was awesome!  The racing action and crack ups were great, but your play by play description takes the cake!  Also enjoyed seeing the wrecks roll away with the tow trucks. Great job!

That was awesome...job well done 3D!!!

I'll do my best to watch this tonight!

Round 1 Heat 2

Well Done Again!!!! My Brother D64 moves on!!!

Good Stuff 3D!!! Fantastic Videography!!!


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