Fix to tournament summary mails

redlinederby Monday, 9/6/2010
Site manager

It was brought to my attention over the weekend that there was a somewhat serious flaw in the e-mails that go out after each tournament. Thankfully, the bug effected only the information that was in the e-mail and not data anywhere else in the game.

The problem was incorrect data being shown in the e-mail, specifically player rank and possibly score data. In fact, if my calculations are correct, everyone was getting MY player tournament summary and not their own. And apparently, no one else noticed either until just this if nothing else, the problem was subtle

I think most of you check the Fantasy League site pretty regularly, which does have CORRECT data and always has. So you can see your total points and rank on those pages as usual. If you were checking your progress by e-mail only then you probably will be surprised when you check your actual rank.

Sorry this bug went on for so long. Since it was my profile getting used in the summary, I naturally didn't see any problems. It was a somewhat major problem because it was communicating bad information, but minor in that it was limited only to the e-mails and DID NOT effect actual game data.

So for the remaining half of the season, your summary e-mails will be correct.


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markkaz 9/7/10

That's interesting because the stats in my emails were correct.

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JDC442 9/7/10

My stats were only wrong after the last results. Before they were always correct.

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redlinederby 9/8/10
Site manager

Hmmm...well that's better then, maybe it was just the last tournament summaries that were incorrect. Well, eitherway, it should be fixed Thanks for the reports.

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