Found a new track on YouTube - DRC rally track

Chaos_Canyon Thursday, 4/30/2020

Obviously these guys have been influenced heavily by 3D, and it's still not up to that standard but I was impressed. Anyone seen this track?


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gstackert 4/30/20

I have seen a few episodes, and this is just great!

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redlinederby 4/30/20
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Interesting that they cut edit rather than follow the action. Can't say I like that as much as a viewer, but to each his own. But hell yeah, top notch track and modeling on that.

  • Yeah, I'm the same. I prefer to see the race run in it's entirety then go back for the other angles etc - unless it's a really long/big track and it makes sense, otherwise they're so many cuts for a short race it feels really jarring — Chaos_Canyon

Good find! Just when I thought I'd run out of internet to watch. Thanks :-)

How have I never seen this? What a beautiful track.

  • I know. THat's what I thought. Have told them about this website as I want to know more behind the scenes. The lighting looks so good, it's almost like it's outside or has a lot of natural light - or it could be they just have a great lighting setup. Either way, I'd like to know :) — Chaos_Canyon
  • That's what I thought too. Must be those natural bulbs. I had those in my kitchen but it was freaking me out because it looked like daylight at night haha — RustBeltRacing

The track looks great and the lack of comments don't bother me at all. But I would prefer one shot footage than the cut and multi cameras. Perhaps using them on the replay would look better, and I would do something about that finishing gate.

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ghenty 5/1/20

It looks amazing from the one video I have just watched, and lack of commentary isn't too bad. Continuous camera would be good, but shows you don't have to have commentary for good footage

I totally agree with everyone regarding, let the race run and use essentially one shot for the whole thing, then the cutaways/different angles for replays. Hopefully they jump onto this forum so we can find out a bit more about it all.

No commentary isn't really an issue for me either. It's a nice to have but not essential

Wow. impressive. I thought 3Dbotmaker coined the DRC? Or is that something many use? 

  • Yeah, I did wonder about that but not sure if he ever did anything official on it - trademark etc - or if it’s just his ‘thing’ I mean, he was certainly first to use it as far as I’m aware — Chaos_Canyon
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madmax 5/4/20

Thats pretty cool

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