Full behind the scenes at Chaos Canyon

Chaos_Canyon Sunday, 6/6/2021

Take a look at what goes on behind the scenes, where everything is, a closer look at parts of the tracks and more. 



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MadMike 6/7/21

Great video, I figured u did both voices but at the same time the production level you produce screams 2 person operation. Great work

  • Thanks :) — Chaos_Canyon
  • Frank and Thomas are the same person??? MY entire racing experience has been a lie????? — SpyDude
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SpyDude 6/7/21

I left this on your Youtube video, but wanted to make sure you saw it here, as well.

Great stuff there,, amigo, really impressed with the level of detail that you did for the Canyon. The little details here and there are great (and yes, I noticed the guy squashed under the rock on the original track and laughed my butt off!) This is dedication, brother ...... this is what keeps us all going. Don't ever stop what you're doing - we appreciate it.

Also wanted to ask: the truck with the engine in the bed in front of the diner.  What IS that one?

  • Thanks. That truck was sent as part of a package from a builder of an outlaws car. Keep an eye out for it in a future special event race — Chaos_Canyon
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ShannonBR 6/7/21

This was great!

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redlinederby 6/7/21
Site manager

Very fun tour of your operations, amazing what you've been able to cram in your space! I'm certainly going to steal some ideas when I get to rethinking my own space.

Side related...I know that being at home over the past year gave all of us time closer to our toys on a more regular basis (even with day jobs), but I was just wondering how you expect your day job to impact your hobby job as things come out of lockdown? Or was your day job an at-home gig even pre-lockdown? 

I guess that's even a larger question for everyone that I'm trying to figure out myself as my return to being in-office looms closer and closer.

  • We've actually been back to normal (mostly) since about a year ago. Had a couple of minor blips but my job was also considered essential so I worked right through anyway. I do sales so am on the road a lot, and I work remotely from our factory but we do have an office in Auckland where I go regularly but I have the ability to work from home as well. It hasn't really affected my time at the canyon. I have every Sunday set aside to work on my tracks, building or filming, and then every Friday night is either doing the DRN report or an outlaws race. — Chaos_Canyon
  • Nice. We're just starting to go back to offices here in the US this summer (at least here in Ohio). Most of my time is in evening after kid goes to bed but during the day I had access to all my stuff, which was nice. Kinda bummed that'll be going away soon and how that might mess up my plans. — redlinederby
  • Yeah it’s sad how work gets in the way of play — Chaos_Canyon

I said it on facebook and I'll say it here! I was totally convinced Thom & Frank were 2 different people! Makes me appreciate all the hard work even more!

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AB_IB_Racing 6/19/21

Wow. That is ten kinds of inspiring. I shared with some engineer friends at work. Maximizing space is a crowd-pleaser! Also makes me re-think how I'm using the space in my own shed. 

  • Thanks. Hoping to find a bit of extra space soon, as a temp measure, and then hopefully a larger permanent space later this year or early next year. — Chaos_Canyon

Thanks :)

  • I love those cases. So good for keeping cars safe and you can still see what's in them easily enough. — Chaos_Canyon
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