model40fan Wednesday, 6/20/2012

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THEY'RE HERE, THEY'RE HERE, the hereos of the GASSER WARS are here...thanks bryan...
. request the option to j.b.quick a new axle into the stalker's nova... not just off but don't see it ... i have an axle and j.b...
majin' at, me saving a nova... how far i have fallen, don't tell the street rod guys !


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Jobe 6/20/12

That's weird...I swear the cars were complete when I packed them back up, I had no problems with them on the track except one that was having a hard time making it to the end of the track.

I have no problem with fixing the Nova. That was quick...right at 48 hours!

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model40fan 6/20/12

the nova was outside the little blue box the stalker sent it in ? box was still latched... postal curiosity ?
axle prepping as we type... also there is no J.B.RIVIT hole, that's why the j.b. let go... can't tell the axle was ever under there ! ..............edited after racing...
in repacking i see that the latches on the blue stalker boxes were weak... it may have opened in shipping, dumped the novacane, and then bounced itself closed ? finally with it as a sharp edge it may have popped the axle off ?
... single bullit theory in action ? .... the novacane was not permenently injured in shipping.... i have a round one spanking to prove it...

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Jobe 6/20/12

Must have been a big drop or USPS looked into the box because it was nestled in it's plastic box safe and sound.

Usually they put a sticker on the box if they opened it to inspect it though.

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EconoCarl 6/20/12

Do something to make mine faster while you're at it!

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model40fan 6/20/12

i never test race a car that i work on , just do my best...
but NOVACANE seems to like the J.B. rivited, smitty prepped axle...
[ micro-polished with LAVA soap, CREST toothpaste, IVORY handsoap, then lubed with sprayed then dried graffite (like clay) and then "ALL" the black graffite on the axle wiped off ]
j.b. rivited "midmill" front axle rolls well on the coffee table...
i will check all racers for bent axles... if carl's aren't bent i'll be glad to bend 'em... har-de har-har !

That Nova seemed to be right at the cusp at each race in the series. That fine tuning might be just what the doctor ordered to put it in the winners circle.(or just what the dentist ordered).

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model40fan 6/21/12

good one !

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EconoCarl 6/21/12

... i will check all racers for bent axles... if carl's aren't bent i'll be glad to bend 'em...

Dang sure couldn't hurt!

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Nightstalker 6/21/12

Thanks a Bunch Smitty, I still be a learning the fine art of massaging Hot Wheels. Surley I am not worthy!!! Maybe with that expert touch we will "numb" the competition.

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model40fan 6/23/12

THE GASSER WARS finals ; june 23rd Fryburg, ME.
HEET #6 racer inspection complete... I didn't know T.L.D.'s vette was [subframed]...or that jason had base swaped...or that add's base graft was as smooth as silk... i was impressed with how well all front wheels roll... #87 and #28 both have "noisy" rear wheels...
commish - carl and dan used small screws... i never have tried that...
i will send finals results to the commish saturday night so he can give this series the pomp and circumstance it deserves... stats, individual and team points, the whole shootin' match... CAN'T WAIT !

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georgeb 6/23/12

And don't call me Surley!

that add's base graft was as smooth as silk

Jobe's cars were super well done. They looked like they could have come straight out of the package. They for sure had their own look and character.

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