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redlinederby Tuesday, 2/4/2020
Site manager

It's been on my list to offer some sort of email reminder notification for races. Just a quick email that goes out (if you've opted-in) that lets you know the race is 1month, 2 weeks away, 5 days, short, the race is coming.

Is this a notification you guys would be interested in having be an option?

There's been a lot of races lately (and always more coming) and keeping track of what's when and how long I have to build has been a challenge. I'm an email guy so having a message drop in as a "hey, you better start building because the race is in 2 weeks" type thing I think would be handy. Your thoughts?


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Mattman213 2/4/20

I keep up with it fairly religiously and STILL have deadlines sneak up on me it seems so a reminder wouldnt be such a bad thing in my eyes.


Just Do It!!!

  • Wish it was that easy, LOL. Gotta plan for it — redlinederby
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