Giving thanks to everyone

redlinederby Monday, 11/22/2021
Site manager

As the week of giving thanks is now upon us, I'd like to say Thanks to everyone here at RLD that has contributed to making this a great place to hang out and have fun with our hobby.

I know I've been somewhat aloof as of late but I am working on some things and changes that I think you guys will dig. Often a little time away will make the heart grow fonder.

Here's hoping everyone has a safe, fun, and happy Thanksgiving and into the rest of the holidays this year. Happy racing!


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TexTenn_Racing 11/22/21

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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Numbskull 11/22/21

Thank you too.



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Mattman213 11/22/21

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Hope yall are able to enjoy the season and make the best of this time.


Wishing you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving! We're very grateful for RLD and the support and friendship of this awesome community.

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revhobbies 11/23/21

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for this community and all the great info being shared!

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H3zzard 11/23/21

Enjoy turkey day, US friends. And best wishes in general to the community across the globe! 

(and don't forget to check for Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for vehicles/track etc.) 

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